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AANS/CNS Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery

Wednesday, May 2 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Moderator(s): Lissa Catherine Baird, MD, FAANS ; Casey James Madura, MD; Jeffrey Steven Raskin, MD; Elias B. Rizk, MD, FAANS

2:20 pm - 2:30 pm

Lipomyelomeningocele: How I do It - Third Panelist

Sandi K. Lam, MD, FAANS

2:31 pm - 2:42 pm

Question and Answer Session

2:43 pm - 3:03 pm

Topic Review: Pediatric Blunt Cerebrovascular Injuries - Imaging and Management Update

Robert John Bollo, MD, FAANS

3:04 pm - 3:15 pm

Question and Answer Session

3:16 pm - 3:31 pm

Malpractice Litigation in Pediatric Neurosurgery: Perspectives and Avoidance - First Panelist

R. Michael Scott, MD, FAANS(L)

3:32 pm - 3:47 pm

Malpractice Litigation in Pediatric Neurosurgery: Perspectives and Avoidance - Second Panelist

Jeffrey H. Wisoff, MD, FAANS

3:48 pm - 4:00 pm

Question and Answer Session

4:01 pm - 4:06 pm

715. Shunt Infection Rate in Sub-Saharan Africa in a Randomized Controlled Trial of the Bactiseal Universal Shunt

Kerry Vaughan, MD

4:07 pm - 4:12 pm

716. Optic Nerve Diffusion Tensor Abnormality in Children Presenting Acutely with Hydrocephalus

Katie Shpanskaya, BS

4:19 pm - 4:24 pm

717. Calgary Shunt Protocol, an Adaptation of the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network Shunt Protocol Reduces Risk of Shunt Infection in Children

Michael M.H. Yang, MD (Canada)

4:25 pm - 4:30 pm

718. Exome Sequencing Defines the Molecular Pathogenesis of Vein of Galen Malformation

Daniel Duran, MD

4:31 pm - 4:36 pm

719. The Global Incidence and Prevalence of Hydrocephalus

Albert Isaacs, MD (Canada)

4:37 pm - 4:42 pm

720. Lumbar Disc Herniation Requiring Microdiscectomy in the Pediatric Population: Risk Factors, Presentation and Functional Outcomes

Malia McAvoy

4:43 pm - 4:48 pm

721. Non-surgical Treatment to Prevent Post-hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus of Prematurity

Fatu S. Conteh, MD

4:49 pm - 4:54 pm

722. Pediatric supratentorial ependymoma: surgical, clinical, and molecular analysis

Jock Lillard

4:55 pm - 5:00 pm

723. The Addition of Choroid Plexus Cauterization May Reduce Post-Hemispherectomy Hydrocephalus: Early UCLA Experience

Alexander Tucker, MD