Young Neurosurgeons
AANS Mentoring Program
Mentoring Program

Developing services for medical students and residents is one of our top priorities. The American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) offers the Mentoring Program to help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of a career in neurosurgery. A mentor can

  • provide you an opportunity to network outside your home institution, especially for medical students who do not have access to neurosurgeons at your school.
  • allow you to ask about balancing your personal life with the demands of a career in neurosurgery.
  • discuss the pros and cons of academic versus private practice.
  • offer you an outsider's insight on whether a fellowship should be your next step after residency.
  • help you identify ways to network after residency.

A seasoned neurosurgeon can provide guidance as well as address your questions and concerns. The AANS Mentoring Program will match you with a mentor, based on your responses to a short Mentee Survey.

After you complete the survey, a mentor you select will receive your contact information and make initial contact. During the initial meeting, be it via email or phone call, you can determine the best method and frequency to contact each other. The relationship between you and your mentor should be built on trust; consequently, issues discussed between you and your mentor should stay confidential.

The program is provided for AANS Member Medical Students, Residents, and International Residents. For more information please contact AANS at 888.566.AANS (2267) or 847.378.0543.

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