Important Dates

Residents, Fellows and Medical Students

The 2018 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting offers a wealth of opportunities for residents, fellows and medical students.

Neurosurgery is a close-knit community and attending the 2018 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting allows future neurosurgeons to build connections with other neurosurgeons and colleagues from across the country and the world. Resident, fellow and medical student attendees are exposed with different viewpoints and opportunities at a time when it can make the greatest impact in their careers.

Meeting Benefits for Residents, Fellows and Medical Students Include:

  • Discounted registration fees;
  • Discounted Practical Clinics and Breakfast Seminars;
  • Participation in the Marshal Volunteer Program;
  • Access to the Young Neurosurgeon Research Forum With the Osler Lecture;
  • Participation in the Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition; and
  • Admission to the Young Neurosurgeons Luncheon.

AANS Marshal Program

The AANS Marshal Program provides valuable opportunities for residents, fellows and medical students to learn and grow in a volunteer setting. Those selected for the program gain valuable insight and knowledge through participation in Practical Clinics and Breakfast Seminars and by networking with senior members of the AANS. Volunteers are critical to ensuring the quality and success of the Practical Clinics and Breakfast Seminars.

The Marshal Volunteer program allows one resident, fellow or medical student access to attend each Practical Clinic and Breakfast Seminar at no cost.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Answering questions related to the AANS App throughout the meeting;
  • Marshaling the Practical Clinic or Breakfast Seminar you attend (instructions will be provided);
  • Assisting in-session operation during Practical Clinic or Breakfast Seminar as directed; and
  • Helping with the AANS Annual Business Meeting.

Please contact the AANS Meetings Department at if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. Priority will be given to medical students and residents, especially those who have marshaled in the past. Early in 2018, you will receive a form to complete and submit indicating your session preferences.

Young Neurosurgeons Research Forum

The Young Neurosurgeons Research Forum allows medical students, residents and fellows a platform to present scientific abstracts to both their peers and a panel of judges.

The top-rated abstract presentations will be presented with Donald O. Quest Science Awards in four categories.

13th Annual Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition

April 30-May 2, 2018 | AANS Exhibit Hall and Learning Center

The AANS Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition is a great way to network with other medical students, residents and fellows from around the world. You may enter the competition as a member of a residency team or as an individual. Each participant may compete at several surgical stations and is scored on his or her performance. Demonstrate your neurosurgical technique on these state-of-the-art surgical simulators.