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Neurosurgery Awareness Month

Taking place in August 2017, Neurosurgeon Awareness Month will focus on trigeminal neuralgia. Watch here for stories, press releases and more starting in April 2017.

In their essay, “Why Stroke Patients Should See Neurosurgeons…STAT,” Christopher Nickele, MD, and Adam Arthur, MD, MPH, FAANS, describe their vision of a neurosurgeon’s role in stroke treatment:

"Since we, as neurosurgeons, have the training that makes us uniquely able to treat these stroke patients comprehensively, we should not sit back passively and wait for these patients to be brought to our operating rooms. We must be involved in and lead the process even before diagnosis and lasting beyond the intervention, on through to the acute phase of the patient’s recovery."

See the full essay below to learn more about the future of neurosurgery and stroke treatment, from the perspective of two neurosurgeons actively treating stroke patients. Other materials include a review of current apps designed to support stroke diagnosis and treatment, a look at a few historical figures who dealt with stroke and some patient stories.