CME Policy and Tracking

As a benefit of membership, AANS will track and record CME credits, providing members with personalized online transcripts and award certificates.

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AANS Tracks Member Continuing Medical Education

AANS makes it easy for members to track the CME so vital for re-licensure, hospital and faculty appointments, national and state medical organization memberships, and even sustaining malpractice insurance. As a membership benefit, AANS records and tracks your CME through a password-protected, personalized area of the AANS Web site called provides customized CME reports, enabling members to access and print out a copy of their personalized CME transcript, subspecialty transcript, which reflects subspecialty classification for AANS Annual Meetings and AANS/CNS Section meetings, as well as certificates of credit from AANS-sponsored and joint-provided meetings. If you do not have your personal login-instructions indicating your password, contact AANS Member Services at 888-566-AANS or 847-378-0500 or .


Members NOT Participating in the ABNS MOC Program:
Your CME Cycle is January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2019

Members Participating in the ABNS MOC Program:
Your Cycle Will Mirror Your MOC Mini-Cycles

At the recommendation of the MOC/CME Committee, the AANS Board of Directors voted to allow AANS members participating in the ABNS MOC program to have their AANS CME cycles mirror their MOC cycles.


Fellow (FAANS), Provisional, and Affiliate members are required to document receipt of the Continuing Education Award in Neurosurgery to maintain membership in the AANS. This Award is earned by documenting at least 60 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits TM, 40 of which are recommended to be neurosurgical credits, within the CME cycle. Neurosurgical credit is offered to individuals who have attended a neurosurgery related meeting, course, or activity, which has been granted AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM. This includes Grand Rounds that are granted AMA PRA Category 1 Credit TM.

Canadian neurosurgical CME credit, which is acceptable towards the Canadian Maintenance of Certification program, is also accepted as fulfilling the AANS CME requirement. A copy of your Canadian MOC certificate is required for these credits to be added to your AANS transcript.

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