Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation

Corporate Associates Program

The Challenge

As the era of healthcare reform, managed care, and complex legislative directives continues, funding for research has become scarcer than ever. Countless lives have been saved through advances fostered by neuroscience research, yet much more needs to be done in the field of tumor molecular biology, stem cell research, vascular physiology, spinal mechanics, cortical architectonics, pain management, and recovery from head trauma. The changing role of clinicians requires that there be balance between the everyday demands of patient treatment and the dedication to finding new cures and advances. The challenge to the specialty is to discover more effective treatments and cures for some of mankind's most vexing neurosurgical conditions and disorders.

The Commitment

The Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation's (NREF) mission is to serve society by advancing neuroscience in a variety of areas: basic research, outcomes studies, and patient-based clinical applications, as well as broader involvement with the needs of sub-specialties. The NREF Executive Council is committed to working more closely with corporate partners to provide new outlets for the use of products designed to aid the neurosurgeon and to open avenues for new techniques and applications. The alliances forged with NREF Corporate Associates enhance the Foundation's efforts of advancing the specialty of neurological surgery to provide the highest quality of care to the patient, patient’s family and the general public.

The Opportunities

As a prominent investor in research and education, corporate partners can play a vital role in supporting the NREF and in shaping the future of the neurosciences and neurosurgical patient care. The Corporate Associates Program is the way for industry to participate in this profession and to become recognized leaders in the funding of special neurosurgical needs. Participating NREF Corporate Associates build alliances with key AANS members, including residents and young faculty members, enabling that support to serve as a vehicle to move the specialty ahead while helping to discover key neurosurgical advances. Annually, the NREF offers two neurosurgical research grant opportunities: one-and two-year Research Fellowships ($40,000 - open to residents) and one-year Young Clinician Investigator Awards ($40,000 - open to junior faculty members) We understand that research in areas relevant to a corporate partner’s mission and goals is important however, many companies cannot internally support a research program of their own. The NREF’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), using a system similar to the highly acclaimed one employed by the National Institutes of health, manages the entire process – something genuinely appreciated by those corporate partners currently co-sponsoring NREF grants. By participating in the NREF Annual Corporate Associates Campaign, your company will receive an array of valuable benefits, some of which carry on throughout the year, while others are enjoyed at the AANS Annual Meeting in the spring:

Visibility and Business Development: Build your corporate image among the domestic and international neurosurgical communities through your involvement with the NREF. The NREF is directly affiliated with the American Association of Neurosurgeons (ANS), the largest and most comprehensive professional society for neurosurgeons in the world, representing over 3,700 board-certified neurosurgeons. Interact with the leaders in neurosurgery, who influence procurement decisions, perform extensive annual research themselves, and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals.

Pride and Professionalism: Support the profession by contributing to the Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation, the premier funder of neurosurgical research.

Alliances and Leverage: Interact with AANS members (active, lifetime, military, resident, nurses, and PA’s) and build upon the expertise of other corporate professionals to support developing research programs.

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