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2015 Neurosurgery Awareness Month

Harvey Cushing MD
In previous years, the AANS Neurosurgery Awareness Month has focused on causes and prevention of traumatic brain injury, back pain, injury prevention and other neurological safety topics.

In 2015, Neurosurgery Awareness Month will focus on the neurosurgeons themselves. The various articles below discuss the men and women involved in neurosurgical practice, forming a broader picture of those who have committed their lives to this most elite specialty practice.

Throughout the month of August, be sure to keep checking this page and the AANS' social media channels for a variety of content relating to this year’s theme. Look for a photo essay submitted by a former brain tumor patient who documented a newlywed couple’s journey through brain cancer; an inspiring story about a woman’s comeback from a broken spine to completing multiple Ironman triathlons; a brief history lesson behind the mysterious Louise Eisenhardt, MD; updated chapters from “The History of Neurosurgery”; a rare look inside two families with multiple generations of neurosurgeons; the story behind a young boy who was granted both his wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, including meeting a renowned tennis player; and information regarding both past and current neurosurgical mentors and what some of their students have to say about the importance of mentoring.

Explore with us, as we "lift the mask" behind the perceived mystique of the neurosurgeon, and share our materials with colleagues, patients and the public:

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