Patient Information

Patient Safety Tips

There are steps you can take to help ensure your safety as a patient, such as becoming well informed about your condition, and maintaining good communication with your doctor. There are also steps you can take that may help you or a family member prevent a potentially devastating neurological injury. The AANS produces patient safety tip sheets which can easily be downloaded and printed. They are created for the public to use, as well as for neurosurgeons and allied healthcare professionals to offer to patients.

View any of the Patient Safety Tip Sheets below (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Common Medical Errors (PDF 179 KB)
Head Injury Prevention(PDF 582 KB)
Home-Related Head Injuries (PDF 242 KB)
How to Talk to your Doctor(PDF 429 KB)
Recreation-Related Head Injuries (PDF 381 KB)
Spinal Cord Injury Prevention PDF 689 KB)
Surgical Safety Tips PDF 524 KB)

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