Position Statement: 2001 Jul 21

AANS Adopts the American Medical Association -AMA Position Statement on Contingent Physician Fees

Heather L Monroe

(Reaffirmed, November 2009)

If a physician’s fee for medical service is contingent on the successful outcome of a claim, such as a malpractice or worker’s compensation claim, there is the ever-present danger that the physician may become less of a healer and more of an advocate or partisan in the proceedings. Accordingly, a physician’s fee for medical services should be based on the value of the service provided by the physician to the patient and not on the uncertain outcome of a contingency that does not in any way relate to the value of the medical service.

A physician’s fee should not be made contingent on the successful outcome of medical treatment. Such arrangements are unethical because they imply that successful outcomes from treatment are guaranteed, thus creating unrealistic expectations of medicine and false promises to consumers.

Article ID: 9743
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