Authors: Tanmoy Kumar Maiti, MD; Jamal McClendon, MD; Bernard Bendok, MD; Chandan Krishna, MD; Devi Patra, MD (Cleveland, OH)


Dr. John A Jane Sr. had contributed enormously in the field of Neurosurgery. 

Biography and training

Born in Chicago, he completed his medical degree, and Neurosurgical residency, and PhD at the University of Chicago in 1952-1967. During training, he worked with Paul Bucy, Oscar Sugar, and Wilder Penfield, among others. After 4-year-stint in Case Western University, at the age of 37 years, he joined University of Virginia as Professor and Chairman, and served in same post till 2006.

A “General” Neurosurgeon and "team-man"

Dr. Jane was a skilled “General” neurosurgeon. With Plastic surgery, he made significant contribution in correction of craniosynostosis (Pi procedure). He documented one of the initial descriptions of supraorbital craniotomy. With ENT surgeons he expertized in treating Esthesioneuroblastomas. Association with endocrinology led to establishment of the distinguished Pituitary Center.

Editor of JNS

He became a member of the Editorial Board of JNS in 1984. Subsequently, he succeeded Dr. Sundt as editor (1992-2013). He established the JNS:Spine and JNS:Pediatrics.  

Recognition and awards

Dr. Jane served as the director of the ABNS, and president of SNS.

Among several national and international awards, Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (1999), Cushing Medal (2004), CNS Founder's Laurel Award (2005), and the Governor's Public Service Award for Career Achievement (2014) worth special mention.

? Most famous case

In 1995, actor Christopher Reeve famous for his role as “Superman” suffered a complex fracture of upper cervical spine, after thrown from his horse. Dr.  Jane’s  team fused his C1 and C2 in a successful attempt to prevent further damage to his spinal cord. 


Dr. John was a pioneer, with his surgical excellence and visionary leadership. His son, Dr. John A Jane Jr., a neurosurgeon in University of Virginia is successfully continuing his legacy.