Sunday, April 14

7:30 am - 11:30 am


030 How to Apply to Residency

Physician Fee: $450
Neurosurgical Team Member Fee: $65

Director(s): Michael Edward Ivan, MD, FAANS

Assistant Director(s): Edjah Kweku-Ebura Nduom, MD, FAANS

Faculty: Owoicho Adogwa, MD, MPH; Nitin Agarwal, MD; Manish K. Aghi, MD, PhD, FAANS; Nicholas M. Barbaro, MD, FAANS; Joel S. Beckett, MD; Shakeel A. Chowdhry, MD, FAANS; David Lee Dornbos III, MD; Seunggu Jude Han, MD, FAANS; Pamela Stuart Jones, MD, MPH, FAANS; Benjamin C. Kennedy, MD, FAANS; Kimberly Price Kicielinski, MD; Ricardo Jorge Komotar, MD, FAANS; Debraj Mukherjee, MD, MPH; Khoi Duc Than, MD, FAANS ; Stacey C. Wolfe, MD, FAANS

The objective of this course is to assist anyone interested in applying to a neurosurgical residency program and is focused on helping medical students understand the essentials in the application process. Specific attributes that program directors, residents and faculty associate with a successful neurosurgery resident will be discussed. Topics discussed will include research as a medical student, taking time off, foreign applicants, women applicants, neurosurgery mentorship and shadowing. A panel of recent successful neurosurgery residents will discuss their “dos & don’ts” for sub-internships and interviews. All resources available by the Young Neurosurgeons Committee (YNC) and AANS for assisting medical students will be reviewed. Participants are encouraged to bring their CVs. This program will conclude by providing a mentoring forum in small group sessions to provide individual critiques and advice for the aspiring neurosurgery resident.

Learning Objectives: After completing this educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the key attributes for success in a neurosurgical residency applicant.
  • Prepare medical students for the application process to neurosurgery from the written application to the interview.
  • Discuss individual medical student paths in applying to neurosurgery (including research years, foreign medical students, women in neurosurgery, etc).
  • Identify the available resources of the AANS and YNC to assist medical students including mentorship.