Wednesday, April 17

7:00 am - 9:00 am


302 Fast Tracking Patients in Neurosurgery: Protocols and Pathways for Enhanced Recovery

AANS Member Fee: $150
Non-member Fee: $150
Member Fee: $65

Moderator(s): Neil R. Malhotra, MD, FAANS

Panelist(s): Zarina S. Ali, MD, FAANS ; Karthik Madhavan, MD; Jean-Pierre Mobasser, MD, FAANS

This Breakfast Seminar will focus on the growing need to accelerate patients through the recovery process after surgery in response to patient-driven systems of healthcare, economic pressures and the need to standardize treatment protocols. The didactic lectures will cover methods for reducing homeostatic disruption, postoperative pain management protocols and the incorporation of multi-modal team based approaches.

Learning Objectives: After completing this educational activity, participants should be able to:
  • Name the current methods for improving postoperative pain relief after neurosurgery.
  • Discuss and debate the incorporation of team-based approaches to care delivery.
  • Incorporate nutritional, psychologica, and physical components in the care of the post-operative patient.