International Symposium - Session III: Tumor

Saturday, April 13 | 2:16 pm - 5:00 pm | 20A; SDCC

Moderator(s): Ossama Al-Mefty, MD, FAANS; Kenan Arnautovic, MD, PhD, FAANS; Steven N. Kalkanis, MD, FAANS

2:16 pm - 2:31 pm

Surgery of Cavernous Sinus Meningiomas

Kenji Ohata, MD, DMSc, IFAANS (Japan)

2:32 pm - 2:47 pm

Unlocking the Middle Fossa: A 360 Degree View

Diego Mendez-Rosito, MD (Mexico)

2:48 pm - 3:03 pm

Determinants of Quality of Life in Benign and Low-Grade Brain Tumours and What We Can Do About Them

Katharine J. Drummond,, IFAANS, FRACS (Australia)

3:04 pm - 3:19 pm

Gliomas - New Frontiers

Jose Marcus Rotta, MD (Brazil)

3:20 pm - 3:35 pm

Gliomas in Eloquent Regions : Do's and Don'ts

Keki E. Turel, MB MS FAIS FICG FIMSA FRCS(Ed) (India)

3:36 pm - 3:51 pm

Invasive Anterior Fossa Tumors: the Rationality of the Subcranial Approach

Antonio Aversa do Souto, MD (Brazil)

3:52 pm - 4:07 pm

Acoustic Neuromas: Microsurgical Techniques, Pitfalls and Results

Pablo Marcelo Ajler, MD (Argentina)

4:08 pm - 4:23 pm

Giant Glomus Jugulare Tumor: A Surgical Entity

Luis Alencar Borba, MD, IFAANS (Brazil)

4:24 pm - 4:44 pm

Tumor Panel/Case Discussions

4:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Question and Answer Session