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Thank you to all those involved in making the 48th Annual Meeting of the AANS/CNS Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery in Scottsdale a success!

Save the Date for the 2020 Pediatric Section Annual Meeting, Dec. 1-4, at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Detailed information coming early 2020.


Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2019 Abstract and Poster Awards

Shulman Award

Whitney Parker, MD Generating Patient-Based Models of Neurodevelopmental Epileptic Disorders

Hydrocephalus Award

Cameron Sadegh, MD Intraventricular Hemorrhage Induces Rapid Intracellular Signaling in the Choroid Plexus and Chronic Changes in CSF Reabsorption

Top Clinical Research Poster

Albert Isaacs, MD MR Diffusion Changes in the Perimeter of the Lateral Ventricles Demonstrate Periventricular Injury in Post-Hemorrhagic Hydrocephalus of Prematurity

Top Basic Science Poster

Elsa Olson Proximal Catheter Occlusion Simulation Study and Design of a Shunt Tap Aspiration System


Meeting App

Find an interactive meeting schedule, attendee and speaker listings, poster abstracts and more within the AANS 360 app. Visit to get started.

Ingraham Award Recipient
The Section is pleased to be recognizing Arnold H. Menezes, MD, FAANS(L), as the recipient of the 2019 Franc D. Ingraham Award for Distinguished Service and Achievement. Dr. Menezes will present Making of a Pediatric Spinal Neurosurgeon and be recognized for his contributions to pediatric neurosurgery.


Raimondi Lecture
Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan, PhD, leads knowledge enterprise development at Arizona State University (ASU), which advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, global and economic development at ASU. His leadership has led to many accomplishments, including quintupling the research performance over the last decade, making ASU the fastest-growing research university in the United States. Dr. Panchanathan will present The Evolving Role of Innovation in Health Care.


American Academy of Pediatrics/Section on Neurological Surgery (AAP/SONS) Lecture
Michael Berens, PhD, is professor and director of the cancer and cell biology division as well as deputy director of research resources and head of the glioma research lab at Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). Dr. Berens’ presentation, Promise and Perils of Liquid Biopsy in Pediatric Brain Tumor Care, highlights advances in molecular measurement technologies and the value-proposition of liquid biopsies for pediatric brain tumor care.


Advanced Practice Provider Seminar Featured Speaker
Teri Pipe, PhD, RN, is Arizona State University's chief wellbeing officer. Dr. Pipe is an expert on mindfulness – a skill set to increase being fully present, focused and alive. Her presentation, Mindfulness, Innovation and Creativity for Leaders, will focus on refreshing and building upon the leadership capacity of session participants.


Legacy Perspective Speaker
In the new A Legacy Perspective speaker series, some of the most respected minds in pediatric neurosurgery will describe their experiences in life, neurosurgical education and practice. Speakers include R. Michael Scott, MD, FAANS(L), Marion L. Walker, MD, FAANS(L), and J. Gordon McComb, MD, FAANS(L).

Scientific Sessions
This year’s meeting includes a variety of engaging scientific sessions. Learn from leading experts in the field as they share ideas and initiate important discussion. Speakers include Samuel Browd, MD, PhD, FAANS, of the University of Washington, who will share the process and lessons learned while attempting to translate unique ideas and intellectual property to market.

International Panel
Building on last year’s brief summaries of International initiatives, the International Pediatric Neurosurgery: Opportunities and Tips for Success session shares next steps, including how to get involved in international pediatric neurosurgery.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the social media raffle and congratulations to the winners:

We look forward to seeing you all in Salt Lake City for #PedsNeuro2020!