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Monday, April 30

1:10 pm - 1:55 pm

Medtronic | Evolve Cranial Surgical Workflows Through Integrated Technology

Faculty: Albert J. Fenoy Jr., MD, FAANS; Stefan Wolfsberger, MD (Austria)

Part I: “Evolving the DBS Workflow - Personalized Targeting for Tremor using Tractography and Integrated StealthDBS™ Planning”. Speaker: Dr. Albert Fenoy

Part II: “Surgical Trajectory Platform: A Miniature Robotic Guidance Device for Frameless Stereotaxy”. Dr. Stefan Wolfsberger

Disclaimer: This is a Research Project between Medtronic and Micro Guided Systems. The system is not for sale. Compatibility with the StealthStation™ is under development and not yet available in the U.S. This demonstration of the MDT-Cranial Robotic Project is focused on exploring the usability of small domain specific robotic devices for Neurosurgery. The goal of this research project is to prove the value of small devices in stereotactic procedures.

Presented by Medtronic

This is a non-CME event. Lunch is served at this seminar for medical attendees. Lunches are also available in the Exhibit Hall.