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Scientific Session IX:

Sunday, December 8 | 8:00 am - 9:34 am |

Moderator(s): Brandon G. Rocque, MD, MS, FAANS; Manish N. Shah, MD, FAANS

8:00 am - 8:08 am

A Legacy’s Perspective: The Clinical Life

Speaker: J. Gordon McComb, MD, FAANS(L)

8:09 am - 8:15 am

61. Automatic Detection and Classification of Pediatric Posterior Fossa Tumors on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Learning

Presenting Author: Jennifer Lauren Quon, MD

8:16 am - 8:22 am

62. Comparison of Multi-Modal Surgical and Radiation Treatment Methods for Pediatric Craniopharyngioma: Long Term Analysis of Progression Free Survival and Morbidity

Presenting Author: Vijay Mysore Ravindra, MD

8:23 am - 8:29 am

63. Image-Guided Convection-Enhanced Delivery of a PET-Imageable HDAC Inhibitor Leads to Improved Survival in DIPG Models

Presenting Author: Umberto Tosi

8:30 am - 8:36 am

64. Safety Of Immediate Use Of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs After Pediatric Craniotomy For Tumor

Presenting Author: Cody Lee Nesvick, MD

8:37 am - 8:43 am

Discussion Session - Abstract Group 16; Neoplasm

8:44 am - 8:50 am

65. Establishing A Neonatal Murine Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage Model to Investigate the Role of Complement During the Secondary Injury Phase and Post-hemorrhagic Gliosis

Presenting Author: Mohammed Alshareef, MD

8:51 am - 8:57 am

66. A Role for Inflammation: TLR-4-mediated Cerebrospinal Fluid Hypersecretion in Post-hemorrhagic and Post-infectious Hydrocephalus

Presenting Author: Jason Karimy

8:58 am - 9:04 am

67. Evaluation and Treatment of Children with Radiation-Induced Cerebral Vasculopathy

Presenting Author: David S. Hersh, MD

9:05 am - 9:11 am

68. Mutations in EphrinB2-EphB4-RASA1 Signaling Underlie Vein of Galen Malformation

Presenting Author: Benjamin C Reeves

9:12 am - 9:18 am

Discussion Session - Abstract Group 17; Vascular

9:19 am - 9:34 am

Products to Market: Lessons Learned

Speaker: Samuel R. Browd, MD, PhD, FAANS