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AANS Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition

Represent your residency program and face off against your colleagues in a challenging competition of neurosurgical skills, hosted by the Young Neurosurgeons Committee (YNC) at the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Each year since 2006, the AANS Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition has provided a forum for residents, fellows and medical students to test their skills at various surgical simulation stations and be awarded a score for their efforts. Top scorers at each station are awarded cash prizes. The participant with the best overall score receives a cash prize as well as a prize for his or her residency program.

Plan to attend and compete at the upcoming AANS Annual Scientific Meeting.


Highest scoring competitors at the AANS Neurosurgical Top Gun Competition, by year:

Year Top Honors Winner
2019 Timur Urakov, MD
Jackson Memorial Medical Center
2018 Ryan Austerman,
Methodist Hospital Neurosurgical Residency
2017 Timur Urakov, MD
University Of Miami
2016 Jarod Roland, MD
Washington University
2015 Timur Urakov, MD
Jackson Memorial Medical Center
2014 Chine Logan, DO
Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine
2013 Jonathan Forbes, MD
Vanderbilt University
2012 Amer Khalil Ahmad Khalil, MD
Cleveland Clinic
2011 Jason Rahal, MD
Tufts Medical Center
2010 Betty YS Kim, MD
University of Toronto
2009 Shahid Mehdi Nimjee, MD, PhD
Duke University Medical Center
2008 Richard B. Rhiew, MD, PhD
Wayne State University
2007 Carla Sofia Reizinho, MD
Lisbon, Portugal
2006 Matthew R. Johnson, MD
University of Nebraska

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