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About the Washington Office

Through advocacy, policy development and public relations, the AANS/CNS Washington Committee and Washington Office work to defend and protect the ability of neurosurgeons to practice medicine freely and help to ensure the continued advancement of the specialty of neurological surgery. They have played a fundamental role in a number of health policy developments, including advocating for adequate reimbursement, pushing for medical liability reform, streamlining quality improvement reporting requirements and relief from the morass of government regulations.

This work is critical, and organized neurosurgery’s Washington Office and leaders continue to be at the forefront of health policy debates to advance the specialty of neurological surgery, to promote the highest quality of patient care and to create a system that offers greater value tomorrow than it does today.


Read news on advocacy, policy development and public relations related to neurosurgery from the Washington Committee and Washington Office.


Members of the AANS receive timely updates on relevant socioeconomic and political issues in the Neurosurgeons Taking Action e-newsletter. View the most recent issues below.


America’s neurosurgeons strongly support improving our nation’s health care system, including expanding access to affordable health insurance coverage for every American.


The “Capitol Hill Toolkit” provides you with advocacy tools to ensure a successful meeting with your member of Congress and/or their legislative staff. Members of Congress and staff want to understand the effects of issues that are important to their constituents and their patients, and who better to convey healthcare information than a neurosurgeon from their district or state.


AANS/CNS Washington Committee
25 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC  20001
Phone: 202.628.2072
Fax: 202.628.5264




Katie O. Orrico, JD

Director Washington Office

Lara C. Kanitra

Senior Manager, Communications

Catherine J. Hill

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs

Adrienne Mortimer

Senior Manager for Legislative Affairs

Cynthia Spriggs

Manager Administrative Services

Kirsten Aquino

Guidelines Liaison

Rachel Groman

Quality Liaison

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