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One of our most important assets
in organized neurosurgery is
the Neurosurgery Research and
Education Foundation (NREF). Since
its inception in 1981, the NREF has
invested more $7 million in supporting
neurosurgery residents and young
clinician investigators whose research
projects have been peer reviewed and
approved in competitive grant-review
processes. Many of these NREF award recipients have gone on
to lead distinguished academic careers, and have stated how
pivotal these awards from NREF have been in their successes
in neurosurgery. We were very fortunate this year to see a
record number of neurosurgeons give pledges to the NREF at
the Cushing Circle level (> $25,000). We also benefitted from
co-sponsoring the 8th Annual Charity Softball Tournament
with Columbia University in New York City’s Central Park. The
tournament brought together teams from 22 neurosurgery
programs throughout the United States and Canada, and a
portion of the proceeds from this event were given to the NREF.
Special thanks are given to Dr. Riccardo (Rick) Komotar, who
remains tireless in his efforts to organize the event and take it
to even higher levels.
During this past year, an opportunity arose for the NREF to
form a unique partnership with the Orthopedic Research
and Education Foundation (OREF) in efforts to promote the
conduction of clinical trials and the creation of a comprehensive
database in spinal procedures. To help with this effort,
neurosurgery formed a Spine Promotion and Advocacy (SPA)
Task Force that worked closely with executive leaders in the
OREF to develop this partnership. Special thanks must be given
to Drs.’ Regis Haid and Chris Shaffrey, who were the SPA Task
Force leadership — and who spent countless hours of time
working toward solutions to the establishment of an OREF:
NREF partnership. More will be forthcoming on this potential
alliance in the upcoming year.
After much effort on behalf of AANS Senior Management,
Neuropoint Alliance (NPA) became firmly established and
supported by the AANS with the hiring of a full-time new staff
member, as well as the recruitment of numerous centers across
the country to enter patient data into registries for the purposes
of conducting clinical trials, pay for performance programs,
and opinion research. The first such effort, the National
Neurosurgery Quality and Outcomes Database, or N2QOD, will
focus on the most common spinal procedures in neurosurgery,
and will generate practice-specific and nationwide quality and
efficiency data to support claims made by CMS and Medicare.
For this significant effort and advancement in neurosurgical
quality assurance, I should like to thank Tony Asher and Paul
McCormick—they have been instrumental in establishing the
groundwork for N2QOD.
The Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG)—
which produces the journal of record for the AANS,
the Journal
of Neurosurgery (JNS)
—was thoroughly reviewed through a
Request For Proposals (RFP) process conducted by an AANS
RFP Task Force. After contemplating several offers from
major scientific journal publishing companies, it was decided
to keep the JNS as self-published through the JNSPG. In this
process, some 17 recommendations were made to the JNSPG
to improve the quality of the JNSPG products, and to streamline
the efficiencies of the office in Charlottesville. JNSPG is now
moving forward with designs for a new and more interactive
website, and will be developing new revenue streams through
increased international sales, online advertisements and special
topical issues.
The AANS has always taken great pride in its Member Services
benefits. This year, we were able to provide all members with
a new AANS certificate that uses the honorific, “Fellow of the
American Association of Neurological Surgeons” or FAANS.
AANS members can now proudly display the initials, FAANS,
after their MD degrees, and can add the honorific to their
letterhead and business communications. I should like to thank
Dr. Charles Prestigiacomo from the Neurological Institute in
New Jersey for making the first suggestion that the honorific,
FAANS would be a great AANS member benefit.
Discovering What Neurosurgeons Do Best
For this Annual Report, I am delighted to share my thoughts on the many events that transpired
this past year to move the AANS toward greater continental and global impact. I feel tremendously
honored to have had the privilege to steer the organization toward new destinations, and to have
worked with some of the best, brightest and most creative people in the world.
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