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It is clear that the world is moving in the direction of digital,
online programs. This past year, the AANS worked closely
with Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol to produce the first-ever “AANS
Operative Grand Rounds” series. Operative Grand Rounds
has enabled AANS members to go online to review important
topics in neurosurgery, such as minimally invasive spinal-cord-
tumor resection; parasagittal and parafalcine meningiomas;
and microvascular decompression surgery for hemifacial
spasm. These online sessions are fully annotated, and
complete with video sequences and interviews with leading
experts. To witness one yourself, please go to:
Another major educational offering this year was the
3-Dimensional CD/DVD Rhoton project, which placed many of
Dr. Al Rhoton’s brilliant lectures in a 3D format and allowed
them to be viewed on any computer and stored for future
reference. Special thanks are given to Drs. Jon Robertson, Bill
Couldwell, and of course to Al Rhoton for enabling the AANS to
offer this priceless collection to our membership.
Much emphasis has been placed recently on sports concussions
in our society. Working with the AANS/CNS Section on
Neurotrauma and Critical Care, the AANS and the Congress
of Neurological Surgeons (CNS) encouraged the writing of
a “Position Statement on Traumatic Brain Injury in Sports.”
This was approved and released in time for the AANS Annual
Meeting in Denver, during which time the Opening Reception
at Invesco Stadium was used to draw attention to the growing
problem of sports concussion.
Finally, I should like to state emphatically how much I enjoyed
working with Drs. Rusty Rodts and Chris Getch, who served
as Presidents of the CNS during my year as President of the
AANS. Our relations and collegiality were of the highest order
throughout the year, and we have re-instituted the practice
of the Joint Officers Meeting of both organizations so that we
can better understand what our priorities are and should be,
individually and collectively.
Research, education, excellence in clinical care, social
awareness and collaborations — these are the things that
neurosurgeons do best. I discovered this during my tenure as
President of the AANS, and I was pleased to help move the
AANS toward a higher station, just as my predecessors have.
James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FAANS
2010-2011 AANS President
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