2011 AANS Annual Report - page 6

Enabling Residents to Push
the Education Envelope
Continuing in the “thinking outside the box” tradition established
in 2006, the AANS expanded its resident education program
from five resident courses the prior year to seven offerings in
fiscal year 2011. Some 173 residents from across the United
States participated. Since the program’s inception, 712 residents
have been trained by stellar faculty, made possible through the
generosity of AANS corporate supporters. Support for the ongoing
activities of the Resident Mentoring Program also translated to
an increase in participants, with 341 mentors and 187 residents
In addition, the Education and Practice Management and
Development Committees work together to spearhead a highly
successful collaboration between industry, residents and organized
neurosurgery. Courses held this year included:
Skull Base for Senior Residents
, Aug. 5-8, 2010, Medical Education
& Research Institute (MERI), Memphis, Tenn. Course Director:
Jon H. Robertson, MD, FAANS. Supporters: Covidien; Medtronic
Neurologic Technologies; Stryker CMF; Stryker Neuro Spine ENT;
Synthes CMF; and Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
Endovascular Techniques for Residents
, Sept. 9-11, 2010, MERI,
Memphis, Tenn. Course Director: Robert Rosenwasser, MD,
FAANS, FACS. Supporters: Boston Scientific Neurovascular (now
Strkyer Neurovascular); Codman, a Johnson & Johnson Company.;
ev3; and MicroVention Inc.
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
, Sept. 24-26, 2010, Cleveland. Course
Director: Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD, FAANS. Supporters:
Accuray Inc.; Brainlab; Elekta; Tomotherapy; and Varian Medical
Fundamentals in Spinal Surgery
, Nov. 18-21, 2010, SERC Lab, Burr
Ridge, Ill. Course Directors: Regis W. Haid Jr., MD, FAANS; and
Christopher I. Shaffrey, MD, FAANS. Supporters: Biomet Spine;
Covidien; DePuy Spine, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company.;
Globus Medical; Medtronic; and Synthes Spine.
Neurosurgical Pain Management
, Dec. 2, 2010, Medical Education
Research Institute of Nevada, Henderson, Nev. Course Director:
Alon Y. Mogilner, MD, PhD, FAANS. Supporters: Boston Scientific
Neuromodulation Division; Medtronic; and St. Jude.
Pediatric Neurosurgery Review, Part 3
, March 4-6, 2011, MERI,
Memphis, Tenn. Course Director: Frederick A. Boop, MD, FAANS,
FACS. Supporters: Biomet Microfixation; IMRIS; Le Bonheur
Hospital; Medtronic Neurologic Technologies; PMT; Storz; Stryker;
and Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.
Spinal Deformity
, May 6-7, 2010, Vista Lab, Baltimore. Course
Director: Robert F. Heary, MD, FAANS. Supporters: DePuy Spine,
Inc., a Johnson & Johnson Company; Covidien; Medtronic; and
Synthes Spine.
Altering the Visual Learning
Landscape for Today’s
The AANS continues to seek out new opportunities to present
neurosurgeons with the latest learning tools and resources.
As part of that effort, AANS introduced
The Rhoton Collection
, a
unique agglomeration of three-dimensional anatomy presentations
composed by Albert L. Rhoton Jr., MD, FAANS. These one-of-a-
kind lectures, which Dr. Rhoton crafted over many years, have
been meticulously recreated in a 3D format that maintains and
safeguards the incredible detail of the presentations. This allows
viewers to stop and closely view at any point in the presentation,
and an audio track of Dr. Rhoton is synchronized for each lecture.
The initial offering in the series contains four skull base topics:
Cerebellopontine Angle and Fourth Ventricle
Cavernous Sinus and Middle Fossa
Far Lateral Approach and Jugular Foramen
Navigating the Temporal Bone
“I loved this course! I’ve been working in neurosurgery for five
years. Not only did I learn new things, but things I already thought
I knew were clarified and presented beautifully! It was such a
great environment being around other mid-level neurosurgical
— Anonymous Attendee (AANS Mid-level
Practitioner Course Participant)
“The information given was precious. I do appreciate the honesty
and detailed explanation of issues that are usually discussed [behind]
closed doors.”
— Chun Siang Chen, MD (Neurosurgeon as CEO
Course Participant)
“The course overall was excellent! It was a great opportunity to
network with fellow PAs and NPs. I had no idea what to expect
and came away well-pleased. I’ve only been to two other AANS
conferences, and this was by far the one I would attend again. The
topics were relevant to my practice. The opportunity to network was
awesome! I am looking forward to next year. Thanks to all of you
who made this possible!”
— Anonymous Attendee (AANS Mid-level
Practitioner Course Participant
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