2012 AANS Annual Report - page 10

NPA’s largest initiative is th
The N
QOD allows any U.S.
neurosurgeon, practice group or hospital system to contribute to and
access aggregate quality and outcomes data through a centralized
nationally coordinated clinical registry,
said. “The primary purpose and design of
the registry is to track quality of surgical care for the most common
neurosurgical procedures. It is the only national patient registry
effort for neurosurgeons, by neurosurgeons, dedicated solely to the
optimization of patient-centered care.”
NPA chose the Vanderbilt Institute of Medicine and Public Health
(VIMPH), a nationally recognized leader in the field of health-services
research and quality improvement, to manage the collection and
analysis of N
QOD data. “This year, N
QOD started collecting data on
the most common lumbar spine procedures and diagnoses,” noted
QOD Vice Director Matthew J. McGirt, MD. The multi-year goal
of N
QOD will be to collect quality and outcomes data on all major
conditions treated by neurosurgeons.
QOD formally launched its Lumbar Spine Module on Feb. 22,
2012. By fiscal-year end, N
QOD had a little more than 1,000 patients
enrolled across
with a total of 23 contracted
sites. NPA obtained a determination from the U.S. Department of
Health & Human Services’ Office for Human Research Protections
that N
QOD program activities do not constitute as human subject
research, and to date all 23 N
QOD sites are participating with waiver
of written consent for obtaining patient-reported outcomes.
QOD continues to grow,” Dr. Asher said. “Its Cervical module is
nearly complete and is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2012. Other
modules in development include an Essential module for smaller
practices that may not make the current patient enrollment criteria
and a Cranial module.”
The N
QOD infrastructure is designed to support essential multi-
center trials and other clinical studies similar to NPA’s first
cooperative research project
which was successfully
completed in cooperation with the AANS/CNS Section on Spine and
Peripheral Nerves.
NPA is committed to developing data collection products and services
that are relevant to the broad spectrum of neurosurgical procedures,
data reporting requirements and practice types. NPA looks forward
to working with all relevant stakeholders to promote a coordinated,
national effort to define and develop patient-oriented outcomes
measures and data collection tools to improve the quality, safety and
value of neurosurgical care.
Building The Essentials
NPA currently is working with the ABNS regarding refinements to its existing Maintenance
of Certification (MOC) program, and it is anticipated that the N
QOD Essentials program
will help satisfy practice data requirements of MOC. It also is expected that the Essentials
program will satisfy public reporting requirements as neurosurgery-specific quality
measures are incorporated into the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Physician
Quality Reporting System.
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