2012 AANS Annual Report - page 16

The AANS continues to utilize the incredibly diverse media
environment to communicate with its members on the specialty’s
most pressing topics, as well as interact with the public on the
importance neurosurgery has in relationship to today’s wide range of
health-related issues.
Fiscal year 2012 marked the first year of an entirely online
“publication” for
which remains focused on
publishing articles and content that benefit the specialty and help
those engaged in neurosurgical practice. The online quarterly
magazine comprises issues themed around a breadth of topics,
including low-back pain; stereotactic radiosurgery; the pros and
cons of hospital-based employment; and neurosurgeon as patients,
in addition to numerous peer-reviewed articles and department
pieces. One article — “Are Physician-Owned Distributorships (PODs)
Ethical?” — dovetailed nicely with a presentation given by author
James R. Bean, MD, FAANS, during the 80th AANS Annual Scientific
Meeting. These and other developments — such as daily updates to
the Newsline area of the homepage, which focuses on clinical and
scientific news related to neurosurgery, as well as daily updates
to the
AANS Neurosurgeon
Twitter feed
— have
dramatically boosted readership. In fact, according to Google
Analytics, the publication’s website garnered some 26,543 visits in
FY12 (vs. 12,542 in FY11), 20,464 unique visitors (vs. 9,644 in FY11) and
56,285 pageviews (vs. 33,175 in FY11) — an increase of 112 percent,
112 percent and 70 percent, respectively, in each category.
A renewed focus on delivering key messages on behalf of the AANS,
the Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group and other partner
organizations helped the organization receive outstanding media
coverage in fiscal year 2012. Reporters affiliated with more than 130
media outlets, including the Associated Press,
The New York Times,
London Free Press, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Tampa Tribune,
London Daily Telegraph, The Times of India, The Oakland Post,
The Boston Globe, Buenos Aires Herald, The Los Angeles Times,
AARP Bulletin,
MSN Health, Yahoo! Health,
National Geographic,
Today’s Parent, Men’s Health
Best Health
, contributed more
than 1,200 articles discussing the AANS and its members. This
coverage presented the opportunity for the association and the
neurosurgical specialty to potentially make hundreds of millions of
media impressions. More importantly, the AANS received significant
measurable value through its visibility, with the aforementioned
articles providing the organization with an estimated advertising value
of $21,906,402 in FY12, according to metrics generated by Cision, Inc.
Concussion-related Programs Help Neurosurgery Drive
Prevention, Awareness Home
In 2012, concussion awareness and prevention programs were a
critical component of the AANS’ white-coat message, as organized
neurosurgery emphasized the importance of taking all the necessary
precautions to avoid concussion and other sport-related traumatic
head injuries. The AANS served as one of the leaders in this effort,
working with other organizations such as CNS, the AANS/CNS
Section on Neurotrauma & Critical Care, ThinkFirst, and the Council
of State Neurological Societies in creating “Concussion and Sports:
Useful prevention and treatment information for your community
from America’s neurosurgeons.” The presentation, which was made
available in September 2011, coincided with a press release that
generated coverage from nearly 250 newspapers and Web-based media
outlets over the next several months. AANS members, who can access
the presentation at anytime via the resources area of
encouraged to go out into their communities and share this information
with schools, coaches, park districts, and parents.
Follow-up media calls continued throughout FY12, with AANS
members prominently featured on the topics of concussion and
stroke prevention in a 12-page special “Brain Health” weekend insert
The Los Angeles Times
. The insert, which was sent to more than
one million households in the Southern California region in March
2012, served as a perfect precursor to the continuing concussion-
awareness efforts made by the AANS via National Neurosurgery
Awareness Week (NNAW). As part of NNAW, the AANS sent out
several press releases and arranged for interviews about the
importance of understanding concussion symptoms and encouraging
parents, coaches, and players to “make concussion awareness a
part of their playbook.” This initiative generated nearly $2.4 million in
estimated ad value for the AANS in FY12, according to Cision, Inc.
Outreach That Engages Members
and Impacts the Public
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