2012 AANS Annual Report - page 3

As has been its primary focus, the AANS
continues to strive to both represent and
provide benefits and services to every
neurosurgeon at all stages of training
and practice. These include substantial
ongoing investments in resident and fellow
education, mentoring, career preparation,
and job placement. Further, there are the
complimentary AANS resident memberships,
Journal of Neurosurgery
Annual Scientific Meeting and selected course/clinic registrations
(as well as the increasingly popular AANS Advanced Neurosurgical
Resident Education/Training Courses), Neurosurgery Research and
Education Foundation research grant and fellowship awards, and
online educational content and videos. These innovations reinforce the
AANS’s commitment to the next generation of neurological surgeons.
This year, the AANS has entered into a collaboration with the Society
of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons
to develop a Web-based digital learning portal both for residency
training and lifelong learning.
For the practicing neurosurgeon, the AANS offers outstanding
educational opportunities and resources through Web-based, print,
and meeting offerings. Practitioners, thus, stay current in their
practice area — even subspecialty neurosurgical disciplines. Finally,
the AANS supports and protects all aspects of neurosurgical practice
such as coding and reimbursement, liability, practice management,
CME, advocacy, and professional conduct.
continues to be the AANS’s self-published journal of record
for the specialty of neurosurgery. In recognition of the tectonic shift
in scientific journals to include digital publication, the Journal of
Neurosurgery Publishing Group launched a new website in the
early fall of 2011
This site has new and markedly
enhanced features and functionality that advance the reach and visibility
of our most precious possession — our peer-reviewed science.
I also am proud to acknowledge that the National Neurosurgery
Quality Outcomes Database entered its first patient in February
2012. By June 30, 2012, data on more than 1,000 patients had been
entered by 24 contracted sites throughout North America. The
QOD is the largest and most ambitious initiative of NeuroPoint
e (
— a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) entity
formed by the AANS in 2008 to develop an Internet-based national
data submission and management platform to address a growing
need for broad-based prospective practice data collection at a
national and individual practice level. It is the goal of N
QOD to
provide each neurosurgeon in every practice setting the opportunity
to collect prospective practice data for quality improvement, MOC,
PQRS qualification and/or insurance credentialing.
The planned partnership between orthopaedic surgery and
neurosurgery came to fruition with the formation of the
in November 2011. Founded as a joint
501(c)(3) initiative between two major specialty research foundations —
the NREF and Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation — the
stated mission of the CSRF is “to advance the science and practice of
the highest quality spine care through the collaborative funding and
support of clinical research.”
Under the leadership of Drs. Mitch Berger and Bill Couldwell, the
AANS has embarked this year on an ambitious strategic plan to
dramatically expand the mission and the capabilities of the NREF,
neurosurgery’s flagship research and educational foundation.
Founded in 1981, NREF was created to provide a source of basic
science research funding grants at the resident and young
investigator level. More recently, NREF also has administered post-
residency clinical fellowship funding grants using its established,
unbiased and independent peer-review processes. Now, through joint
initiatives such as CSRF, coordination with other AANS programs
such as NPA, and closer collaboration with other neurosurgical
organizations and societies, NREF will be better positioned to
optimally advance the science and practice of neurosurgery through
research and education. As part of this plan, a new NREF fundraiser
was held in Miami during the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting to
honor the contributions and establish a legacy for Albert Rhoton
Jr., MD, FAANS, in the form of an NREF-endowed Rhoton Research
Award. More than 250 neurosurgeons attended this fundraising event,
We Are Neurosurgery
I am pleased and privileged to provide an annual update and review of the activities of the American
Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) — an organization that through its broad mission and rich
history, proudly represents the practice of neurosurgery for all neurosurgeons.
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