2012 AANS Annual Report - page 7

Placing Residents at the Forefront of Neurosurgical Learning
Since 2006, the AANS has eschewed convention and looked at new
ways to promote neurosurgical learning within its resident education
program. In FY12, the organization’s five resident courses educated
134 residents — bringing the total numbers of residents educated in
the program to 846 — as a result of the untiring efforts of preeminent
faculty, and the support and assistance of AANS corporate
supporters. Support for the AANS’ Resident Mentoring Program
also grew in FY12, and the program now has 429 mentors and 171
residents participating.
The continual effort of the Education and Practice Management
Committee in conjunction with the Development Committee resulted
in another year that featured outstanding partnerships between
organized neurosurgery, residents and industry. Courses held in
FY12 included:
Endovascular Techniques for Residents
, Sept. 23-24, 2011, Medical
Education & Research Institute (MERI), Memphis
Course Directors: Adam Arthur, MD, MPH, FAANS, FACS; and Erol
Veznedaroglu, MD, FAANS
Supporters: Stryker Neurovascular-Boston Scientific; Siemens;
Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.; Ev3-Covidien; and MicroVention
Number of attending residents: 28
Skull Base for Senior Residents
, Nov. 3-6, 2011, MERI, Memphis
Course Director: Jon Robertson, MD, FAANS
Supporters: Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.; Stryker; Medtronic; Synthes
CMF; and Methodist Hospital
Number of attending residents: 26
Fundamentals in Spinal Surgery for Residents
, Nov. 10-12, 2011,
Spine Education and Research Center, Burr Ridge, Ill.
Course Directors: R. Patrick Jacob, MD, FAANS, FACS; and Praveen
Mummaneni, MD, FAANS
Supporters: Synthes Spine; DePuy Spine; Medtronic; Globus;
Nuvasive, Biomet; Covidien; and Siemens
Number of attending residents: 40
Pain Management for Residents
, Dec. 8, 2011, Medical Innovations
and Training Institute, Henderson, Nev.
Course Directors: Alon Mogilner, MD, FAANS; and Ashwini Sharon,
Supporters: St. Jude; Medtronic; Boston Scientific; and Diros
Number of attending residents: 15
Peripheral Nerve/Spinal Deformity for Residents
, March 29-April 1,
2012, Vista Lab, Baltimore
Course Directors: Allan Belzberg, MD, FAANS; and Robert Heary, MD,
Supporters: Integra; Axogen; DePuy; Medtronic; Synthes; and Covidien
Number of attending residents: 25
I have attended several national and international courses,
but this is the first time I can recollect wherein an expert
spine faculty was assigned for two trainees to attend for a
cadaver course. Each faculty stayed with us throughout and
helped us understand the procedure by first demonstrating
and then allowing us to perform…. They gave us all tips to
avoid complications … and the time allotment for didactic
lectures and lab work was just fabulous. With the amount
of dedicated faculty interested to teach the attendees using
the appropriate spine instrumentation representing several
manufacturing companies, this course, in my mind, is a big
hit. I was able to learn a fairly new approach in a very calm
and confident way, and hope to use the learned technique on
some of our patient populations.
— Shankar Gopinath, MD, FAANS
AANS Minimally Invasive Lateral Interbody Fusion Course Participant
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