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With the proliferation of social media and the ever-expanding use of
mobile technology, the opportunity to interact and engage with each
other on a global scale has never been greater. Looking at this trend,
as well as ways to add value for its members, the AANS developed
— a professional networking website designed to provide
neurosurgical practitioners with their own private online community.
Debuting prior to the 80th AANS Annual Scientific Meeting in April 2012,
provided a forum for members to view the plenary sessions
via a live stream from the meeting, and to interact with presenters and
colleagues by posting comments in discussion forums. Members could
go online and debate research, information and presentations in real
time with other attendees, or discuss a presentation with a contemporary
viewing the session from thousands of miles away.
The opportunities for interaction i
continue, as the
more than 500 electronic poster presentations — all of which were
open for discussion and commentary throughout the Annual Scientific
Meeting — remain available for review and comment within the website’s
Annual Meeting tab. Members also have the opportunity to view dozens
of neurosurgical videos in the Multimedia area. The Case Study feature
encourages comments on the cases, allowing members to talk about
posted cases with the author or anyone in the community. Members
can start or comment on discussions of interest; create or join interest
groups; submit case studies or their own content and generally connect
with other AANS members. All content, cases and other submissions
remain private and secure, affording members a unique portal to discuss
cases and topics with colleagues from around the world.
Logging in to AANS
is simple: All that is required to get started
is the member’s MyAANS username and password. Member profiles go
beyond the typical geographic criteria offered in online directories — each
member can post information not only to his or her profile, but to the full
community. With AANS
, neurosurgeons also can find each other
by subspecialty designations, research, professional interests and more.
Members can customize privacy and notification settings to their degree
of comfort. In addition, once logged in, users can create link lists, mark
favorites, rate videos and content — affording members the opportunity
to truly customize their online experience.
A core mission of the AANS is to support the delivery of the highest
quality neurosurgical care by its members. Organized neurosurgery
believes that prospective, systematic tracking of practice patterns
and patient outcomes will allow neurosurgeons to improve the
quality, efficiency, and, ultimately, the value of care. In support of this
mission, the AANS — in cooperation with other neurological societies,
including the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), Society of
Neurological Surgeons (SNS) and the American Board of Neurological
Surgery (ABNS) — created the
(NPA) in 2008.
NPA is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that coordinates a variety
of national projects involving the acquisition, analysis and reporting of
clinical data from neurosurgical practice, using online technologies.
NPA is designed to meet the quality care and health-care research
needs of individual neurosurgeons and neurosurgical practices,
national organizations, health-care plans, the biomedical industry,
and government agencies. “Its services are focused on several areas
including data collection for the ABNS [Maintenance of Certification
and NeuroLog], Pay for Performance programs, registries and
clinical trials, and opinion research,” said 2011 NPA President Paul C.
McCormick, MD, MPH, FAANS.
: How AANS Members
Network and Communicate
NeuroPoint Alliance: Advancing Patient Care
Through the Science of Practice
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