2013 AANS Annual Report - page 22

embers, speakers, exhibitors, corporate supporters and meeting attendees all interact with the
AANS through our website. Customizing that experience and having the latest news, information
and resources available to members 24/7/365 is a key value of the AANS. The password-protected
offers CME reporting and customized transcripts; the ability to manage speaker invitations;
confirm orders, pay invoices or dues; manage committee activities, disclosures and compliance requirements;
vote in elections or for bylaw changes; or access archives of information available only to members or
committee participants.
The AANS enhanced this resource area by adding a social component — a professional networking area
called AANS
offers a private online community for members, and at any time, AANS
members can login online to debate research; submit a case study for public viewing and invite peers and
experts to comment; start or comment on discussions of interest; create or
join interest groups; and generally connect with other AANS members. All
content, cases and other submissions remain private and secure, affording
members a unique portal to discuss cases and topics with colleagues from
around the world.
For members who are unable to attend the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting (or for those who might have to
miss a portion of a plenary session due to other commitments), AANS
is the platform that allows
members to view educational sessions streamed live from the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, and to engage
with presenters and colleagues by posting comments in discussion forums. Recorded presentations from the
meeting are also available, allowing for archived study long after the meeting has concluded. This exclusive
members-only community also is a means for members to expand their meeting experience by adding
colleagues they meet at meetings to their online network, contact presenters or journal article authors to ask
questions, and view hundreds of electronic posters archived in knowledge libraries with options to discuss all
content in a private community.
AANS members can also use AANS
’s powerful membership directory to look up colleagues or find
a member with expertise in a particular subspecialty of the field. Member profiles offer features that go far
irectory listing. AANS
is accessed through MyAANS using the same user name and
password. Profiles show subspecialty interests, practice information, educational background and more. Members
also can customize privacy and notification settings to their degree of comfort. In addition, once logged in,
users can create link lists, mark favorites, rate videos and content — affording members the opportunity to truly
customize their online experience.
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