2013 AANS Annual Report - page 25

ever before has mankind been so interconnected
and in communication with one another.
The expansion of the Internet and digital
communication through smartphones, tablets and
laptops means the latest news or information is just
a few keystrokes away. And with the proliferation
of social media, individuals can share personalized
content and stories with friends,
counterparts — making it more important than ever before that, whether you are a practitioner involved in the
field of neurosurgery or a member of the public seeking insight into a condition or treatment, you have a trusted
source of reliable, unbiased information. To that end, the AANS’ myriad media channels serve as neurosurgery’s
informational beacons, communicating with its members on the latest issues impacting the field while also
engaging the public on neurosurgery’s importance in relationship to the constantly changing health-care
During FY2013,
ontinued to take up the mantle as the leading socioeconomic neurosurgical
publication. The quarterly online magazine maintained its theme-based issue approach, covering topics such
as neurosurgeons working as neurointensivists; neurovascular neurosurgery; humanitarian neurosurgery; and
negotiating the neurosurgical learning curve. Peer-reviewed research articles, case studies and surveys, department
updates, and AANS news also were presented. In addition, the popular Newsline section offered readers twice-daily
updates on the latest research findings, clinical results and more. Plus more than 2,000 individuals following the
AANS Neurosurgeon
Twitter feed
received tweets about the latest news items published online.
The quality of content, breadth of material presented and conversational approach has allowed the publication to
significantly increase its readership again in FY13. According to Google Analytics, the publication website saw overall
visits rise 141 percent (63,838 visits in FY13 vs. 25,543 in FY12), unique visitors grow by 110 percent (43,047 in FY13 vs.
20,454 in FY12) and pageviews climb by 120 percent (123,758 in FY13 vs. 56,285 in FY12). The number of international
readers also is growing: when looking at statistics from Google Analytics, in FY13, the pageviews by the eight largest
readership bases outside North America jumped by 307 percent.
Through the use of press releases, outreach to reporters and the development of working partnerships with the
media, the AANS, the Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, and other partner organizations helped the
organization again secure outstanding media coverage in fiscal year 2013. According to Cision, Inc., reporters
affiliated with more than 115 media outlets, including the Associated Press,
The New York Times, Financial Times,
Jerusalem Post, Economist, Scientific American, Science, Modern Healthcare
, CBS News Healthwatch, MSN
Health, MSNBC News, Yahoo! Health, and National Public Radio, contributed more than 6,630 articles discussing
the AANS and its members. This coverage presented the opportunity for the association and the neurosurgical
specialty to potentially make hundreds of millions of media impressions. In addition, the AANS received significant
return on investment as far as the value it received through its visibility in the media, with the aforementioned
articles providing the organization with an estimated advertising value of nearly $24,611,400 in FY13, according to
metrics generated by Cision, Inc.
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