2013 AANS Annual Report - page 26

The AANS’ social media efforts continue to raise the profile of both the association and the field of neurosurgery
to the public as well as in health-care circles. Th
feed offers the latest association news and
helpful neurosurgery-related tips to the public, while th
ccount feeds research
news and information to practitioners, medical students and other health-care professionals — including a large
and growing international contingent. Th
feed lets followers get the latest
article updates and other related content from the JNS instantly. AANS’
resence allows for the
sharing of useful news and facts on the world’s most popular social networking platform, sharing useful patient
information tips, news on research findings and other neurosurgical pearls. An
offers the most diverse and unique collection of neurosurgical videos on the Web, including the Rhoton Collection
2D and 3D videos, AANS/SNS Neurosurgical Online Sessions, and much more. Nearly 2,900 subscribers follow the
channel, and some of the surgical videos have been viewed as many as 15,000 times.
And in FY2013, the AANS overhauled its website, simplifying the navigation tools, consolidating content to
make it easier to find, and improving search functionality to allow members better access to articles, content
and other information. The updated website also allows visitors to easily interact with all of AANS’ social
media outlets, gives members easy access to
from the home page, and allows the organization
to highlight the latest news and updates with rotating images that link directly to applicable Web pages. In
addition, the AANS continues to update its patient information pages and related content, providing the public,
media, and members with a useful, unbiased and current repository of the latest neurosurgical information on
conditions and treatments.
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