2013 AANS Annual Report - page 34

he mission of the NREF is to provide a private, non-governmental source of training for research in the
neurosciences. Since 1980, more than 200 residents and young clinician investigators have been awarded
research grants, and more than 50 institutions have received funding for clinical research. The majority of
these award recipients have continued on to careers in these areas, contributing to the field of neurosurgery in
their professional careers.
2012-2013 Research Fellows and Young Clinician Investigator Awards
($40,000 for one year)
NREF Research Fellow
Richard G. Everson, MD — University of California,
Los Angeles
Sponsor: Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD, FAANS
Project Title:
Immunosensitization and Adoptive Transfer
of NY-ESO-1 TCR Engineered Cells for Treatment of
NREF Research Fellow
Heather H. McCrea, MD — Weill Cornell Medical Center
Sponsor: Shahin Rafii, MD
Project Title:
Role of Angiocrine Expression of Notch
Ligands in Glioma Progression
NREF Research Fellow
Adam M. Sonabend, MD — Columbia University Medical
Sponsors: Peter Canoll, MD, PhD; and Jeffrey N. Bruce,
Project Title:
Evolution Following Treatment in
Glioblastoma: A Predictable Phenomenon or Pure Chaos
NREF/Biomet Microfixation Research Fellow
Katharine M. Cronk, MD — Barrow Neurological
Sponsor: Nicholas Theodore, MD, FAANS
Project Title:
Degradable Local Analgesic Devices for
Targeted Pain Management and Improved Surgical Success
NREF/Codman Young Clinician Investigator
Wael F. Asaad, MD, PhD — Alpert Medical School, Brown
Sponsor: John P. Donoghue, PhD
Project Title:
Programmed Visual-Motor Associations in
the Nonhuman Primate
NREF/Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery
Fady Girgis, MD — University of Calgary
Sponsor: Emad Eskandar, MD, FAANS
Project Title:
The Roles of the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate
Cortex and Ventral Medial Prefrontal Cortex in Fear
Conditioning and Extinction in the Non-Human Primate
NREF/Section on Tumors Research Fellow
Michael Ivan, MD — University of California, San
Francisco Neurological Surgery
Sponsor: Andrew T. Parsa, MD, PhD, FAANS
Project Title:
The Role of EMR Proteins in Glioma
NREF/Section on Disorders of the Spine and Peripheral
Nerves Young Clinician Investigator
Neil Rainer Malhotra, MD — University of Pennsylvania
Sponsor: Dawn M. Elliott, PhD
Project Title:
Novel Bioactive Implants to Reverse
Degenerative Disc Disease Via Mechanical Support and
Drug Delivery
NREF/American Academy of Neurological Surgery
(AAcNS) Research Fellow
Timothy Ryan Owens, MD — Duke University
Medical Center
Sponsor: Michael Kelley, MD
Project Title:
Characterization of Transcriptional Targets of
Brachyury in Chordoma
NREF/Cerebrovascular Section Research Fellow
Matthew R. Reynolds, MD — Washington University
School of Medicine
Sponsor: Gregory J. Zipfel, MD, FAANS
Project Title:
Examining the Role of Heparin Sulfate
Proteolycans in the Amyloid-Beta-Induced Cerebrovascular
Dysfunction of Alzheimer’s Disease
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