2013 AANS Annual Report - page 35

he AANS, through the NREF, is pleased to support the AANS Medical Student Summer Research
Fellows. Now in its sixth year, the fellowship program is designed to expose neurosurgical curriculum
to first- and second-year medical students — with the hope of piquing their interest in the specialty so
that they select neurosurgery when they make their decisions about residency training. The Fellowship is open
to medical students in the U.S. or Canada who have completed one or two years of medical school and wish to
spend a summer working in a neurosurgical laboratory, mentored by a neurosurgical investigator sponsor who
is a member of the AANS. The AANS supports up to twenty awards, with each award totaling $2,500. The 2013
Fellowship awardees are:
2012 Best Abstract Awardee at 2013 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting
Farshad Nassiri – University of Toronto,
Transplantation of neural precursor cells will promote regeneration and
repair in the traumatically injured cervical spinal cord
Ali Alam — The University of Texas MD
Anderson Cancer Center
Brandyn Castro — University of California,
San Francisco
Tyler Cole — Stanford University School of Medicine
Kyle Gabrick — University of Tennessee Health
Science Center
Chad Gier — Cleveland Clinic
Emelia Hakes — Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Travis Ladner — Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Edward Larkin — University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Miranda — University of Rochester
Medical Center
Neel Patel — Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Morgan Prust — Massachusetts General Hospital
Ranjodh Singh — Weill Cornell Medical College,
New York Presbyterian
Saman Sizdahkhani — University of Illinois at Chicago
Timothy Wen — University of Southern California
Joseph Wooley — Johns Hopkins University School
of Medicine
Aqib Zehri — Barrow Neurological Institute
Xiaofei (Sophie) Zhou — Case Western Reserve
School of Medicine
Jeffrey Zuccato — University of Toronto
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