2013 AANS Annual Report - page 36

William P. Van Wagenen Fellowship
The Van Wagenen Fellowship was established by the estate of Dr. William P. Van Wagenen, who was one of the
founders of the Harvey Cushing Society (now known as AANS) and its first President. The Fellowship was designed
to provide freedom in scientific development without the restrictive limitations usually imposed by many research
grants and fellowships.
Awarded annually since 1968, the Van Wagenen Fellowship is offered for post-residency study in a foreign country,
for a period of 12 months. The awardee receives a $120,000 stipend to cover living expenses and other costs,
while an additional $15,000 is awarded to the host university lab or program to help offset research, education and
investigation costs for the fellowship.
The recipient of the 2013 Van Wagenen Fellowship was D. Ryan Ormond, MD, who completed his neurosurgical
oncology fellowship at Emory University in June 2013. Dr. Ormond will undertake his fellowship in Bonn, Germany,
where he will be hosted by the Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology at the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms
Universität Bonn under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Oliver Brustle. Dr. Ormond’s research project is titled:
reprogramming: stem cell-based systems for studying nervous system diseases and repair.
A Circle of Giving That Transcends the Specialty
The NREF Cushing Circle is a cumulative, lifetime and planned giving society for neurosurgeons who support the
NREF. The goals of the NREF Cushing Circle include increasing NREF giving (annual, major and planned gifts),
creating an organizational identity and building camaraderie among philanthropists who consistently support
the NREF. Contributors who have made significant financial commitments to the NREF and the neurosurgical
research it supports are eligible to receive benefits, including special invitations to the AANS Annual Scientific
Meeting VIP events; advance notification on new products, services and educational offerings; and more.
Criteria for individual membership include:
Historical giving total of at least $20,000
Historical giving total of at least $10,000 with a pledge of at least $10,000 within the
next five years (at a minimum of $2,000 per year)
Historical giving total of at least $10,000 with a memorandum of understanding for a
willed bequest of at least $50,000
Cushing Circle Donors
The generosity of the Cushing Circle of Giving members has enabled the NREF to ensure the future of the
neurosurgical specialty by providing a private, non-governmental source of funding for research and training in
the neurosciences. The members of the Cushing Circle of Giving for fiscal year 2013 were:
Ennio Antonio Chiocca, MD, PhD, FAANS
Merwyn Bagan, MD, MPH, FAANS, and
Mrs. Carol Bagan
Timir Banerjee, MD, FAANS
Mitchel S. Berger, MD, FAANS
Charles L. Branch Jr., MD, FAANS
Mrs. E. Laurie Bittner
Hans C. Coester, MD, FAANS
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Couldwell
John G. Golfinos, MD, FAANS
Michael Groff, MD, FAANS
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Grossman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Grubb Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John Guarnaschelli
Dr. and Mrs. Regis W. Haid Jr.
Robert E. Harbaugh, MD, FAANS
Griffith R. Harsh IV, MD, FAANS, and
Ms. Margaret C. Whitman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Levinthal
Paul C. McCormick, MD, MPH, FAANS
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