2013 AANS Annual Report - page 4

There is no more apt image — figurative or literal — than a tearing up of old scripts to
symbolize the past year for the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.
While the casting aside of even successful templates is the hallmark of most progressive
organizations, what made AANS’ success over the past year so pervasive was, in fact, both
its figurative and literal breaking of established formats and methods.
In the reports, stories and vignettes that follow, you will read how AANS members — working
in teams, committees and, in some cases, with other allied groups — brought diverse talents
and perspectives from a wide spectrum of expertise to affect innovation through enterprising change.
Although the rising trajectory of AANS’ success has been fueled in large part by building improvements on
successful initiatives — such as the enhancements over the past three years of the initial device-driven AANS
Annual Meeting in 2010 — this year saw example after example of successful programs and services driven by a
complete reordering of established protocols.
Nowhere was this more visibly evident than the 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting in New Orleans. AANS 2012-13
President Dr. Mitch Berger, along with his Scientific Program Committee, radically changed the format of the
programming template to better showcase his theme of Advancing Patient Safety (see page 14).
By selecting an additional keynote speaker, completely reformatting the Sunday Opening Day, and demanding
a synergy between the science, social events, and compelling informative programming where theme and
presentations were choreographed to enhance the overall meeting’s themes, Dr. Berger presided over one of the
most highly rated Annual Scientific Meetings in recent AANS history. Never has an Annual Scientific Meeting’s theme
been so intrinsically evident in all aspects of the meeting as it was in New Orleans.
The New Orleans meeting was a signature showcase of that strategic mentality of achieving successful
improvements by reinventing, but by no means was it the lone example.
The crown jewel of AANS’ offerings — its educational programming — continued to expand with innovative topics
specifically customized to meet identified needs of specific membership segments.
Synergy is almost as if a new group collectively agrees to
subordinate old scripts and write new ones.
— Stephen R. Covey
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