2013 AANS Annual Report - page 5

Just one example of this was the groundbreaking new course offering this year, the
AANS Exit Strategies for
Chief/Senior Residents
. Focused on preparing those physicians’ needs as they planned for the non-medical
business, economic and personal family aspects of establishing their medical careers, the course turned out to be
one of the most highly praised new programs offered by AANS.
Significantly noteworthy as well was the completion of a thirty-month process of reassessing, redesigning, and
redirecting a new, more dynamically proactive and vibrant foundation for the specialty, culminating with the AANS
Board of Directors’ approval of the new Bylaws for the renewed Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation
(NREF) this past April.
In the pages of this report you are about to read, you will see the successful results of “subordinating old scripts”
and transforming even traditional programs into new formats, whether they were technologically enhanced, social
media-driven, or even presented in the established didactic formats.
This was far more dynamic than the hollow, rhetorical phrase of “thinking out of the box,” or the equally overused
and meaningless “creating order out of chaos.”
The soaring growth of the AANS over the past several years has been transmuted by an alchemy of limitless
perspective, broad experience and diversified skill sets that continue to propel AANS forward with a momentum
of achievement.
This report is a tribute to all the individuals who came together with investments of time and commitment to
enable AANS to achieve another year of innovative programs and financial stability. I hope you enjoy sharing in the
success of your colleagues and your specialty.
As always, thank you for choosing to be a member of the AANS. Your annual choice of AANS to represent your
career is our daily mission.
Thomas A. Marshall
AANS Executive Director
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