2013 AANS Annual Report - page 8

Helping New Neurosurgeons Develop a Strategy
In April 2013, AANS’ then President-elect, William T. Couldwell, MD, PhD, FAANS, directed a new course,
Strategies for Chief/Senior Residents
. Focused on providing attendees with real-world insight as they prepared to
leave residency and begin the next phase of their neurosurgical career, Dr. Couldwell was intent on providing the
finishing resident the benefits of senior experienced neurosurgical input into the choice of practice environment,
and the business and legal aspects of practice. While there are many fellowships that can teach one how to
perfect surgical skills and well-designed programs that can help improve the science, research or writing skills
of aspiring clinicians, there is a profound dearth of practical, experienced guidance relevant to the key aspects
of choosing a practice and succeeding in one’s first “real” job. The AANS was proud to create this course with
that in mind, presenting topics that were not traditionally covered by a standard neurosurgical curriculum. These
included factors to consider during the job hunt; medical practice issues; evaluating choices between hospital
employment vs. small group practice vs. large group practice vs. academia; understanding the medical team
environment; certification and MOC; the future of health care; and what those coming into the neurosurgical
workforce need to know about malpractice. The course was extremely well received by 21 chief/senior
neurosurgery residents and will be offered again in 2014.
“[An] extremely valuable course, [it] fills a much-needed void in resident
education, [and is a] fantastic help to residents at a critical stage of their
— Simon Hanft, MD,
Exit Strategies for Chief/Senior Residents
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