2014 AANS Annual Report - page 13

Expanding Neurosurgery through Collaboration
In April of 2014, AANS Board of Directors member, Christopher
I. Shaffrey, MD, FAANS, co-directed a new hands-on cadaver
course, Spine Deformity Solutions: A Hands-On Course. Presented
as a collaborative educational offering between the AANS and
the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), the course was able to
expand influence beyond the reach of past AANS courses. The
course brought together some of the top spinal deformity surgeons
in the country, with a collaborative faculty comprised of both
neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons.
Registration was limited to preserve the intimate small-group nature,
ensure access to faculty, and to maximize opportunities for hands-
on surgical technique in the cadaver labs. Ten hours of the course
was devoted solely to lab work, with a high faculty-to-learner ratio to
allow for each attendee to receive personalized guidance.
Topics and lab sessions covered all areas of deformity correction
and a discussion on a variety of complex conditions and current
trends in surgical technique. The intimate nature of the course
included small-group “fireside chats” with faculty during the
evenings. Lab work was supplemented with didactic presentations,
video demonstrations and hands-on cadaveric learning.
The Spine Deformity Solutions course was well-received by
both attendees and faculty, and the AANS plans to offer the
course again in 2015.
Identify appropriate options for cervical and adult
deformity reconstruction
Employ techniques to avoid complications in spinal
deformity surgery
Develop skills in complex cervical deformity correction
Identify the appropriate indications for the use of
spinopelvic instrumentation
Demonstrate skills for the correct placement of
spinopelvic instrumentation
Compare and contrast open and less invasive treatment
options for thoracolumbar spinal deformity
Integrate techniques for posterior and anterior
lumbo-sacral deformity corrections
Demonstrate knowledge and skills for performing
basic and complex spinal osteotomies for spinal
deformity correction
Being a solo practitioner in a general neurosurgery
practice, I’m very selective in the courses I attend due
to time away from the office. This was one of the best
courses I have ever attended! The combined neuro/ortho
faculty were among the brightest stars in spine surgery
and they spent time going through their thought process
for how they approach and treat scoliosis. The hands-
on lab was great but the “Fireside Chats” and the case
discussions with faculty were awesome!
Richard W. Broderick, MD, FAANS
Solo Practice
Surgical Neurology Associates
Arlington Heights, IL
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