2014 AANS Annual Report - page 21

Vijay Agarwal, MD
NREF Spine and Peripheral Nerve Section
Research Fellow
Duke University
Project Title:
Gait, Nerve Receptor Upregulation
and Cytokines in Model of Radiculopathy Versus
Discogenic Pain
Zarina Ali, MD, MS
NREF Research Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Project Title:
Peripheral Nerve Regeneration Using
Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts
Luis E. Kolb, MD
NREF/ Pediatric Section Research Fellow
Yale-New Haven Hospital
Project Title:
Whole Genome Analysis of
Malformations of Cortical Development
Daniel Orringer, MD
NREF/ Tumor Section Young Clinician Investigator
University of Michigan
Project Title:
Coherent Raman Scattering
Microscopy of Human Gliomas
Rory Petteys, MD
NREF Research Fellow
Georgetown University.
Project Title:
Animal Model of Thoraco-Lumbar
Induced Acute Spinal Cord Injury
Analiz Rodriguez, MD, PhD
NREF Research Fellow
Wake Forest University
Project Title:
The Role of Tumor Associated
Macrophages in Directing Glioma Cell Invasion
Nicholas Szerlip, MD
American Academy of Neurological Surgery/NREF
Young Clinician Investigator
Wayne State University
Project Title:
Autocrine and Paracrine Effects of
Neuregulin on Glioma
Michael Tso, MD, PhD
NREF/Cerebrovascular Section Research Fellow
University of Calgary
Project Title:
Immunological mechanisms of brain
injury after SAH
Kristin Weaver, MD, PhD
NREF Research Fellow
University of Florida
Project Title:
Optimizing Neural Repair Following
Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Using a Multi-Modal
Cell Transplant Strategy
Jon T. Willie, MD, PhD
NREF Young Clinician Investigator
Emory University
Project Title:
Local Field Potential Signal-Based
Closed-Loop DBS of Amygdala for Cataplexy
2013-2014 Research Fellows and Young Clinician Investigator Awards
($40,000 for one year)
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