2014 AANS Annual Report - page 23

NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Program
Now in its seventh year, the NREF Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship program is designed to
expose neurosurgical curriculum to first- and second-year medical students — with the hope of piquing their
interest in the specialty and selecting neurosurgery when they make their decisions about residency training.
The fellowship is open to medical students in the United States or Canada who have completed one or two
years of medical school and wish to spend a summer working in a neurosurgical laboratory, mentored by a
neurosurgical investigator sponsor who is a member of the AANS. The NREF supports up to 20 awards, with
each award totaling $2,500. The 2014 Fellowship awardees:
Abdul-Kareem Ahmed
Brown University – Alpert Medical
Malcolm Dombrowski
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Sarah Dooley
University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics
Mark Ehlers
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Paul Gamble
Washington University in St. Louis,
School of Medicine
Ranjit Ganguly
Ohio State University
Laureen Hachem
University of Toronto and Toronto
Western Hospital
Sasha Halasz
Mayo Clinic
Joshua Haswell
University of Rochester
Hillary Hosier
University of Maryland School of
Medicine and Medical Center
Ioan Lina
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Robert Maurer
Penn State University College of
Margaret McDougal
Emory University School of Medicine
Lauren Miller
Hospital of the University of
David Sawyer
Tulane University
Rajeev Sen
New York University School of Medicine
Jeffrey Treiber
University of California, San Diego
Terence Verla
Duke University
Justin Wang
Queen’s University
Michael Zhang
Stanford University School of Medicine
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