2014 AANS Annual Report - page 3

The expansion of AANS’ international collaboration with the specialty’s providers and allied partners
around the world, as AANS implemented a dedicated and consistent program of strategic outreach and
opportunity to our international colleagues.
The strengthening and active participation of the three organizations’ collaborations and support of our
allied specialty organizations.
A proactive and multi-dimensional representation of the specialty and its memberships’ socioeconomic
interests in Washington, D.C., collaboratively advocating on behalf of all aspects of neurosurgery and
health-care reform for all of medicine in this time of rapidly evolving change in U.S. health care.
Ongoing focus on promoting appropriate interaction with related neurosurgical industry partners, and
actively collaborating together to ensure both superior care as well as safety for patients.
Along with the AANS’, NREF’s and NPA’s physician leaders, professional association management staff, all
members and related partners, it is with the greatest anticipation of the achievements ahead that we submit
this report to you. The portraits of dedicated service, proactive advancement, financial stability and cutting-
edge innovation are truly a mirror of the neurosurgeon and allied health-care providers and partners in our
vital and rapidly evolving health-care environment.
We continue to look forward to aggressively anticipating, identifying and serving the needs of our members
and partners, their patients and all stakeholders. The successes of each passing year are our foundations
for creatively meeting today’s new challenges, as we create tomorrow’s opportunities.
Thomas A. Marshall
Executive Director
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