2014 AANS Annual Report - page 37

Engaging the World of Neurosurgery
The neurosurgical specialty has an ever-widening global reach, and the AANS is committed to being at the
forefront. Collaborating with international organizations, engaging international members and including the
best international speakers at educational events are some of the many ways the AANS’ global reach brings
value to the membership.
This year, the AANS presented the AANS
International Lifetime Recognition Award to
Nicolas de Tribolet, MD. The AANS’ most
prestigious international award, it recognizes
an international neurosurgeon or other
international dignitary for his or her lifetime
of contributions to advancing the field of
neurosurgery in a country outside the United
States and Canada. de Tribolet studied at the
medical school of Lausanne, Switzerland,
as well as in Paris. After completing
medical school, he started an internship
in neurosurgery, clinical electro-physiology
and neuropathy in Lausanne. It was during
his one-year fellowship at Massachusetts
General Hospital that Dr. de Tribolet began his research on brain tumors, which, in the following years,
developed into a laboratory that currently employs 12 full-time researchers. As a visiting neurosurgeon
at the University of California San Francisco, he was inspired by Charles B. Wilson’s ability to run a very
busy surgical practice, as well as the brain research laboratory, a model he strove to emulate. Appointed
professor of neurosurgery and chairman of the department of neurosurgery of the University of Lausanne in
1984, in 1994 the government asked him to merge the two neurosurgical departments at the Universities
of Geneva and Lausanne. Currently professor and chairman of the department of neurosurgery at the
University of Geneva and head of the neurosurgical programme of Lausanne and Geneva, in July 1999,
de Tribolet was also appointed director of the department of neurosciences at the University Hospital of
Geneva. AANS Annual Scientific Meeting attendees met de Tribolet at the AANS International Reception,
held this year at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Guests enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere and the
chance to visit this lovely collection of art.
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