2014 AANS Annual Report - page 44

Communications Outreach
In addition to its direct lobbying and grassroots advocacy in Washington, D.C., the Washington Committee
garners support for neurosurgery’s health policy positions by carrying out a nationwide earned media
campaign, and by providing the media with timely information that can be used for their reporting. The
Washington Committee’s traditional media/communication efforts include Op Eds, letters to the editor, radio
“tours” and desk side briefings with reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, CBS, NBC,
Politico and others. Since December 2012, the Washington Committee has generated 83 traditional media
hits reaching a circulation/audience of more than 6.3 million.
In addition to traditional media, the Washington Committee’s digital media communications platforms —
including Neurosurgery Blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — now total more than 12 million individual
impressions. By using these social media platforms, organized neurosurgery has continued to reach
opinion-influencers in the media, on Capitol Hill, and in various health policy circles that would not have
been easily achieved through more traditional means. These communication tools include:
, a Web-based opinion and perspective column, which offers
insights and perspective on contemporary health issues as they relate to organized neurosurgery.
Twitter feed that is used to gain greater visibility for neurosurgery’s advocacy efforts.
Neurosurgery’s followers are made up primarily of media, congressional and health policy communities.
The Twitter feed focuses primarily health policy updates and provide links to positive stories about
sites that help drive health policy influencers to information on Neurosurgery Blog
and the Twitter feed, while also spotlighting AANS news-making successes and initiatives.
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