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The Journal of Neurosurgery

Publishing Group ( JNSPG)

continues to publish 48 issues per

year (36 print and 12 electronic).

In 2014, we received a grand total

of 5,480 submissions, compared to

4,235 submissions from 2013. This

includes the three print journals,

Neurosurgical Focus

and the video


I would like to recognize these outstanding chairmen: John

Sampson, MD, PhD, FAANS; and Roberto Heros, MD,

FAANS(L) ( JNS); Atul Goel, MD; Mark Hadley, MD,

FAANS; and Robert Heary, MD, FAANS (



); and John Kestle, MD, FAANS (



). They have dedicated many hours to

reviewing manuscripts and have provided our authors

with timely, thorough and insightful reviews.

Martin Weiss, MD, FAANS(L), continues to do a

superb job as associate editor of

Neurosurgical Focus


Douglas Kondziolka, MD, FAANS, was appointed

associate editor January 2015, and is helping with

manuscript triage and strategic planning. We

thank Edward Oldfield, MD, FAANS, for his

term as associate editor and his valuable insights.

Sander Connolly Jr., MD, FAANS, does wonderful

work as the editor of our

Neurosurgical Focus Video


This was my second year as editor-in-chief of

the JNSPG. In 2014, we celebrated 70 years of

continuous publication of the journal, the longest

of any neurosurgical journal in the world. In the summer of

2014, we celebrated 30 years of service to the journal with

a special party held in the honor of John A. Jane Sr., MD,

PhD, FAANS(L). We also launched our new Strategic Plan

—Tradition-Transition-Transformation (2015–18) — and

published the document, which was sent to all Editorial

Board and Advisory Committee members. We published

Guidelines on Pediatric Hydrocephalus

in November 2014.

The re-design of the journals was accomplished with a

release date of January 2015. I wrote an editorial on the new

look for the JNSPG publications, titled “A new look for

JNSPG publications: the anatomy of redesign” ( J Neurosurg

122:1–3, 2015). We have developed web-linking tools to

enable elements of the Rhoton Collection to be associated

with certain JNSPG anatomy articles in a way that will

enhance the functionality of the journal. Special thanks to

University of Tennessee’s Jeffrey Sorenson, MD, FAANS,

for his interest in this particular project.

Neurosurgical Focus

continues to be highly successful, with

more than twice the number of manuscripts submitted per

volume of published works. Finally, I am delighted to share

our most recent impact factors:

Journal of Neurosurgery



Journal of Neurosurgery




Journal of

Neurosurgery: Pediatrics

: 1.482;

Neurosurgical Focus

: 2.105.

I am pleased that our journal continues to thrive and flourish

at a time of rapid change in association journal publishing.

James T. Rutka, MD, PhD, FAANS

Editor-in-Chief, JNSPG



Journal of Neurosurgery

has the highest

impact factor and is the most cited among

neurosurgical journals.