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“My involvement with the AANS MOC/CME Committee, charged with

assisting members through the American Board of Neurological Surgery’s

(ABNS) maintenance of certification (MOC) process and ensuring the content,

quality and timeliness of all continuing medical education (CME) offerings by

the AANS, evolved from my role as course director for the

MOC Preparation

and Neurosurgical Update

course. I am honored to be the current chair.

“My career has spanned private practice and academics, so I appreciate

the different challenges of these two career paths; I’ve tried to reflect this

sensibility in my role as chair. In the committee’s interface with the ABNS, we

are focused on the MOC process, hoping for positive changes. The committee

continues to monitor MOC and the CME offerings, striving to provide valuable

educational opportunities to members, colleagues and those in training.

“For many years, I had the pleasure of working with Julius Goodman, MD,

who was dedicated to continuing education, lifelong learning, mentoring and

collegiality. He envisioned the first

Weekend Update

course (the predecessor


MOC Preparation and Neurosurgical Update

) as a means to engage and

challenge an audience of experienced practitioners without the intimidation

of the ‘hot seat’ format used in the board review course. With the

development of the audience response system and the initiation of the MOC

examination, he saw an opportunity to continue education on a case-based

format. I watched his constant work to improve the Oral Board Preparation

course and develop this new course.

“Since I became course director for the

AANS MOC Preparation and

Neurosurgical Update

course eight years ago, course improvements are

constantly on my mind. My goal is to make this course a great experience for

everyone who attends, regardless of their MOC status,” added Leipzig.

When asked about Leipzig’s contributions to the AANS, Joni Shulman, AANS

associate executive director, commented, “Dr. Leipzig has been invaluable in the

AANS’ ongoing review of our learner’s change data that is analyzed annually

as part of the reaccreditation process for Accreditation Council for Continuing

Medical Education (ACCME). Dr. Leipzig is keen to hone in on the changes

learners say they’ll make in their respective practices based upon the education

AANS provides. Course development is a cycle: review changes, close gaps in

learning, see new gaps arise, communicate these gaps to the course directors/

moderators to incorporate within their curricula and measure again. Dr Leipzig

understands how much the process helps us be better educators and provide

better learning, while also assisting us with our CME requirements.”

Leipzig shared, “This year, the ABNS approved the

AANS MOC Preparation

and Neurosurgical Update

course to fulfill all of the 25 hours of self-

assessment required in a three-year mini-cycle. I think this validates the

great work of our faculty. I am especially pleased when an attendee tells me

it was a great course and that his or her partner needs to attend. We want

it to be informative, fun and challenging for every neurosurgeon. I hope

attendees find it to be of value in their practices.”

Course faculty member, Michael Wang, MD, FAANS, noted, “The AANS

MOC Course has benefitted many neurosurgeons preparing for this

important milestone. The course is successful, in large part, due to Dr.

Leipzig’s dedication to improving neurosurgical education. The course was

fantastic because Dr. Leipzig has put phenomenal effort into it. We are all

super-busy and, for a volunteer organization like the AANS, folks like

Dr. Leipzig are vital. He makes me proud to be a member.”

Thomas J. Leipzig, MD, FAANS

, received his medical degree from the University

of Chicago (U of C) Pritzker School of Medicine. Since completing his neurosurgical

training under Dr. John F. Mullan at the U of C Medical Center, he has been in practice

with Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (Indianapolis). Leipzig has a special interest

in patients with neurovascular disorders. He joined the clinical faculty at the Indiana

University School of Medicine in 2012, after being an affiliate member for many years,

and is a past president of the Indiana State Neurosurgical Society. Leipzig is currently

director of the AANS

MOC Preparation and Neurosurgical Update

course and has been

a long-standing faculty member for the Goodman Oral Board Preparation course. He

has also served as faculty for several other courses and currently serves as a member

of the AANS Education and Practice Management Committee and as chair of the

AANS MOC/CME Committee.

Beyond Mere Maintenance:

Pushing MOC for Constant Improvements

Thomas J. Leipzig, MD, FAANS