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The Neurosurgery Research and

Education Foundation (NREF)

has had a very productive year.

The NREF board of directors

focused on establishing new

opportunities for contributing

to the foundation. We have

encouraged donors to view their

gifts given to the NREF as valued

personal investments. The program that most exemplifies

this approach to giving is the Honor Your Mentor

program, in which donations honor individuals who have

personally impacted the lives of fund donors. The monies

collected within these named funds are used to support the

mentor’s field of interest or specialty by establishing grants

or fellowships within the identified areas.

Beyond Honor Your Mentor, the NREF has seen growth

among our Cushing Circle-level membership, a level of

giving that was celebrated this year at a reception during the

2015 AANS Annual Scientific Meeting and thanked with a

private suite, available to members during the meeting.

Additionally, there was an increase in the money provided

to the NREF through the annual Columbia Softball

Tournament. Indeed, even the NREF’s private supporters

contributed at levels that allow the foundation to move

forward with our mission to enhance lives by advancing

neurosurgical care, allowing the NREF to preserve its

annual funding of Resident and Young Investigator grants

and to expand the Medical Student Summer Fellowship

grants to include the Rhoton Medical Student Fellowships.

Our industry partners continue to support the post-

residency clinical fellowships (PRCF). The generosity of

both industry and neurosurgery is allowing the planning

of new international and mid-career educational courses,

which will continue our mission-fulfilling efforts.

The Bagan Family Fellowship was awarded for the first

time this spring. When Merwyn Bagan, MD, MPH,

FAANS(L), presented the Bagan Family Fellowship, he

spoke of his family’s decision to create the fund. They

hoped it would set an example that would be embraced

and followed by others involved in neurosurgery. As both

NREF chair and donor, I hope that more members of the

neurosurgical community choose to echo Bagan’s words,

mission and generosity.

Those of us involved with the NREF appreciate the

support of all who have helped us achieve and, indeed,

exceed our goals during this past year, and we most humbly

request your continuing support in coming years.

Jon H. Robertson, MD, FAANS

NREF Chair