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To further practitioner education, we publish the latest

neurosurgical science through the

Journal of Neurosurgery

(JNS), JNS Spine, JNS Pediatrics


Neurosurgical Focus


Our educational offerings have expanded to include



and many AANS and NREF offerings

on YouTube and iTunes. We are active on Capitol Hill

through the efforts of our Washington Committee and

your ongoing support of PAC.

Much of Cushing’s influence on the new specialty of

neurological surgery was due to his meticulous cataloguing

of the outcomes of each of his patients. As we believe that

research and innovation should not be the province of only

a small number of academic neurosurgeons, the AANS

supports this founding principle, now called data collection,

through the work of NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA). NPA

is devoted to gathering, analyzing and publishing data on

the science of neurosurgical practice, which is the habitual

and systematic collection, analysis and feedback of data,

inseparable from practice, via audited registries.

The AANS, through NPA and its National Neurosurgical

Quality Outcomes Database (N


QOD) program, will allow

neurosurgery and neurosurgeons to prevail in this strange

and hostile environment. Knowledge is power. Those

specialties that can best collect, analyze and report data will

prevail, and the AANS is determined to make sure that

neurosurgery is one of these specialties.

I thank you for the opportunity to lead the AANS through

these challenging times. I appreciate the opportunity to

reflect on our history while helping to steer our course into

the future.

All the best,

Robert E. Harbaugh, MD, FAANS

2014–2015 AANS President

For, if a doctor’s life may not be a

divine vocation, then no life is a

vocation, and nothing is divine.”

—Stephen Paget,

Confessio Medici