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This annual report that you

and your fellow members of

the American Association of

Neurological Surgeons (AANS)

and the Neurosurgery Research

and Education Foundation

(NREF) are reading highlights

the expanding and increasingly

dynamic impact that your

organizations have had on neurosurgery over the past year.

As you have read in 2014-15 AANS President Dr.

Robert Harbaugh’s introduction, the past year’s successes

were accomplished in a time of disordered transition in

American health care. As this report will show, the AANS

nevertheless continued to expand its scope of service to

its members and their specialty, operating from a strong

foundation today while secured by firm links to the rich

history of neurosurgery’s past.

Author Pearl S. Buck wrote that if you want to understand

today, you have to search yesterday. The influential

solutions that the AANS and NREF increasingly offer to

neurosurgeons, their specialty and their allied health-care

practitioners and partners should be viewed by AANS

members as part of a progressively evolving continuum

of planned growth, prudent fiscal planning, unrestricted

strategic vision and passionate volunteerism, all built upon

the founding principles of Dr. Harvey Cushing and the

leaders who have carried forth his visions in the society

that bears his name.

In the pages that follow, you will read of progress made

in established programs of the AANS and NREF, as

well as the early phases of strategic initiatives undertaken

more recently to meet your rapidly changing needs in a

chaotically evolving health-care environment.

For example, the AANS is quickly establishing its

outreach and influence internationally, in order to be a

more significant resource to its international members

and colleagues whose universal needs and practice

environments are as varied as the many cultures of

patients who inhabit the planet. From collaborating with

international neurosurgical organizations to providing

support and assistance where appropriate, the AANS, like

its many allied partners, understands that quality health

care resists any definition merely by geographic borders.

The state of North American neurosurgery and meeting

members’ needs was a primary concern of the AANS at

its founding, and is still a priority today, as the specialty

continues to be buffeted by workforce issues, increasing

focus on patient safety and escalating urgency for both

sophisticated resident and continuing education delivered

via enhanced, 24/7 technologies.

You will see how the AANS is addressing these and

dozens of other priorities born of its mission statement

with a broad-front strategy, from the remarkable impact

of its Washington advocacy to its involvement with allied

neurosurgical associations involved in the SNS Portal

Initiative, a large-scale collaborative project that promises

to be the most comprehensive resource for neurosurgeons’

educational needs from “cradle to grave,” yet undertaken

by separate organizations focused on enhancing

neurosurgeons’ knowledge at every stage of their careers.

The rapid success of NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA), AANS’

not-for-profit corporation, is also outlined in this report.

Established in 2008, NPA’s growth and expansion

is perhaps the best example of the AANS process of

addressing members’ needs.