2015 AANS Annual Report
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Anticipated outcome needs were identified years ahead

of being a prerequisite for practitioners; AANS resources

were allocated ahead of the health-care industry’s

provisional demand for data; AANS physician leaders and

management formed committees and task forces to develop

and implement production; and the AANS member was

ultimately provided with a significant resource available to

her/him as hospital, industry and government increasingly

require measurement of competencies and patient outcomes

to benchmark effectiveness.

You will also read of the remarkable progress of the

reorganized and revitalized NREF. Directed by leadership

to undergo a comprehensive audit and assessment in 2011,

the resulting model approved by the AANS featured a

foundation to be governed by its own dedicated board

of directors and committee governance structure and by

its own bylaws, as well as to be given more discretionary

management in how it achieves the strategic goals of its

parent association.

Since then, the research and education foundation of the

AANS has seen a more focused approach taken to enhance

its value both to members and the public. As a result, the

NREF has developed new opportunities to engage donors,

while still providing the enhanced education and research

methodologies evolving in the specialty today.

With voting board representation by the AANS, the Journal

of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, NeuroPoint Alliance,

the AANS/CNS Joint Sections, the Society of Neurological

Surgeons, the American Academy of Neurological Surgery

and one voting director from the general public, the NREF

is a truly representative body of the significant stakeholders

interested in achieving new levels of giving, scholarly

research and support for state-of-the-art, cutting-edge

education for you and the practitioners of your specialty.

Also highlighted in this report are vignettes of just a very

few of the hundreds of AANS members whose tireless and

passionate volunteerism are truly the heart and soul of the

AANS’ and NREF’s achievements.

The more than 500 board, committee and various task-force

volunteer AANS members who serve in its governance

systems all have “full time jobs,” yet find the time and

dedication to take the senior leadership’s vision and, using

the stable and fiscally sound resources of the AANS,

transform them into programs, services and outcomes that

enhance their colleagues’ and partners’ needs tenfold. It is

an honor for the AANS management team to work with

these leaders; their work on behalf all AANS and NREF

constituent members, publics and partners could never be

adequately acknowledged, rewarded nor understated.

Of course, none of these achievements by its physician

leaders and members could be realized without the sound,

reliable and diversified financial stability the organizations

enjoy. As recently as spring of this year, the AANS

leadership reinforced the long-standing strategic fiscal policy

that excess profits beyond a reserve fund, assuring “safe

harbor” in the event of unexpected downturns be routinely

reinvested in expanding programs, services and initiatives to

enhance AANS members and the specialty. As you will read

later in this report, the stability of the organizations’ finances

are very sound, and the measured investment of growth and

expansion are closely monitored and audited.

The leaders and members of the AANS and the NREF

have much to be proud over the past year. As Dr. Harbaugh

pointed out in his overview to this report, this past

year continued the current era of seismic challenges for

American health care and its practitioners. The pages that

follow highlight how one professional medical association

representing a specialty of highly skilled surgeons has

continually adapted and reformed itself not only to meet

yesterday’s challenges confronted by neurosurgery’s

forefathers, but also to rely on that historical perseverance to

provide innovative solutions that its members need today in

order to provide new horizons of care tomorrow.

I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to participate

in your organizations and am particularly honored to

present this report to you. Thank you most sincerely for your

membership in the AANS.

Thomas A. Marshall

Executive Director