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Washington, D.C., was the

perfect setting for the 83



Annual Scientific Meeting, which

explored neurosurgery’s founding

principles through lectures

and presentations, while also

presenting robust and forward-

looking educational content.

The event’s opening speakers,

Peyton Manning and Bill Walton,

spoke of their own guiding and foundational principles,

linking the training and intensity of professional sports to

the world of neurosurgery.

Manning delivered his thoughts on the process of being

a successful professional football player and spoke about

managing fan expectations, noting that he feels those

expectations in a very real way, and shared that he knows

that awareness can complicate his on- and off-field

decisions. His solution? Coaching. Despite his years of

experience and his own leadership position, he is always

looking for coaching support. To be his best, and to deliver

his best for the fans, Manning relies on coaching. He drew

the connection between his fans and neurosurgical patients,

as both rely on professionals to actively strive to stay on

top of their game, whether through extra practices or

participation in scientific meetings.

Walton, who paced the stage

during his entire presentation,

also gave much credit to his

own coaches for his success in

the NBA. Walton’s personal

experiences with pain and injury,

including spine issues, were a

recurring theme, as he talked

about the hopelessness of chronic

pain and the inestimable change

he experienced in his life when

surgery was able to eliminate his pain and give him his

life back. Walton also put an interesting spin on learning.

According to Walton, what really counts is what you learn

after you “know it all,” a theory he applied to his basketball

and broadcasting career, as well as to the venue of the 2015

AANS Annual Scientific Meeting.

Robert E. Harbaugh, MD, FAANS, and Regis W. Haid

Jr., MD, FAANS, joined Manning and Walton on stage

for a question and answer session, followed by a Skype

appearance of Benjamin S. Carson, MD, FAANS, who

spoke to the group from Detroit where he was preparing

to launch his bid for the 2016 presidential election. The

evening concluded with the 2016 AANS Annual Scientific

Meeting Opening Reception, held at the Smithsonian’s

National Museum of American History.


THE 83



MAY 2–6, 2015