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Members of the American Association of

Neurosurgical Surgeons:

The opportunity and honor of serving as president of this

remarkable association over the past year has been a major

highlight of my career in our remarkable specialty. Serving as

president of the AANS provides the opportunity to meet intimately

with our members across our state and regional societies as

well as to travel the world, as the AANS is a continental society

of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS).

These unique encounters help to frame one’s thinking and priorities for what proves to

be a remarkably short year. I have been so proud and comfortable with our intitiatives

in Washington, D.C. under the leadership of Katie O. Orrico, JD, and our Washington

Committee that I saw my role as “send me in, coach.” I had the opportunity to testify and

participate in a number of events on Capitol Hill which I hope will prove helpful to our

members. Under the leadership of Shelly D. Timmons, MD, PhD, FAANS, who serves as

the new chair of our Washington Committee, we can all feel extremely comfortable that

we will be impactful and protect public access to specialty care going forward.

During the 84th AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, I tried to craft a message of hope and

optimism that was truly from the heart. In many ways, we have all been battered by a

rapidly evolving health care system, which at times seems to be spiraling out of control.

As this is an election year, I felt that diving into the weeds of all the potential outcomes

regarding health policy would not be productive or beneficial for any of us, as the election

will dictate many of these specific policy outcomes. Rather, I wanted to focus on the core

values of our profession and how neurosurgery leads the way in American medicine.

Ours is a truly honorable and wonderful profession.

We and our successors must preserve its unique

culture and in so doing will strengthen medicine

overall with neurosurgery leading the way.