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neurosurgeons donated to NeurosurgeryPAC, thus far bringing total contributions to

$175,825 for the 2016 calendar year. More information about NeurosurgeryPAC, including

the complete current list of donors, candidates receiving NeurosurgeryPAC support and

your PAC in action, is available on the

AANS website .


In addition to its direct lobbying and grassroots advocacy in Washington, D.C., the

Washington Committee garners support for neurosurgery’s health policy positions by

carrying out a nationwide earned media campaign and by providing the media with timely

information that can be used for their reporting. The Washington Office’s traditional

media/communication efforts include Op-Eds, letters to the editor, radio “tours” and

desk-side briefings with reporters from the

Wall Street Journal


Washington Post







and others. Since December 2012, the Washington Office has generated

126 traditional media hits reaching a circulation/audience of 9 million. In addition to

traditional media, the digital media platforms continue to see a significant expansion

and have garnered over 170 million individual impressions. Furthermore, these media

platforms have amassed a subscription audience of 65,000. By using these social media

platforms, organized neurosurgery has continued to reach opinion influencers in the

media, on Capitol Hill and in various health policy circles that would not have been easily

achieved through more traditional means. These communication tools include:


Neurosurgery Blog: More Than Brain Surgery ,

a web-based opinion and perspective

column through which insights and perspective on contemporary health issues are

offered as they relate to organized neurosurgery.


@Neurosurgery Twitter

feed is used to gain greater visibility for neurosurgery’s

advocacy efforts, and followers are made up primarily of media, congressional and

health-policy communities. The Twitter feed focuses primarily on health-policy updates

and provides links to positive stories about neurosurgery.


The YouTube channel

features clever animations designed to engage the public in a

fun, visually appealing manner while providing clear-cut, high-level facts centered on

neurosurgery’s top legislative issues.









sites help drive health-policy influencers to

information on

Neurosurgery Blog

and the Twitter feed, while also spotlighting AANS

news-making successes and initiatives.

We invite you to visit the blog and subscribe to it, as well as read our monthly


Neurosurgeons Taking Action ,

and connect with us on our various social

media platforms to keep up with the many health-policy activities happening in the

nation’s capital and beyond the Beltway.


For more information about AANS advocacy efforts, contact Katie O. Orrico, JD, director

of the Washington Office, at

korrico@neurosurgery.org .